The RSMR monthly fund update - the new recruits from our August review


The RSMR monthly fund update - the new recruits from our August review

Every month we study the universe of funds in the investment marketplace to assess whether they meet our exacting standards and should be given the RSMR seal of approval. 


Here are the new recruits from our August review: 

FP Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth

The fund aims to grow investors’ capital by investing a portfolio of 60-100 growing UK smaller companies, offering investors exposure to the smallest companies in the market with a long-term multi-year outlook on investments. The fund managers conduct a large amount of hands-on qualitative due diligence in order to get to know management and understand how the company can scale its operations. The fund operates a core/satellite strategy with around 75% of the fund invested in the core of the strategy: companies that are profitable, growing and have scalable business plans. The team are looking at companies where profits can be doubled over a period of 3-5 years. The satellite part of the portfolio (the remaining 25%) holds opportunities that are often more esoteric and have superior growth opportunities.

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BlackRock World Mining Trust

The trust seeks to invest in a diversified portfolio of mining and metal assets globally. The managers are experienced in managing the commodity cycle and having a wide remit allowing them to invest across differing market environments, applying their macro view to the underlying portfolio. The team combine a top-down analysis of the macroeconomic environment, commodity industry and a bottom-up research process to determine the composition of the underlying portfolio within the trust. The team’s focus is to understand where the best returns will come from based on macroeconomic fundamentals, the dynamics in the respective metals markets and a company’s exposure to a single commodity, or group of commodities in the case of the diversified operators.

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