The Responsible range

Having introduced the UK’s first SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) rating in 2012, we've been very active in the socially responsible area of our industry ever since. Our first Responsible portfolio was launched in 2016 and we expanded our range in 2022.


We combine funds from our Responsible rated fund lists to construct portfolios where the risk profile of each portfolio is based on its strategic asset allocation. By adjusting the weightings of equities, fixed interest, alternatives and cash within each of the four portfolios, we provide clients with a choice of Responsible Cautious (the lowest risk), Responsible Balanced, Responsible Growth and Responsible Dynamic (the highest risk). As this approach is tailored to the longer-term, the need to change portfolios based on short-term data is reduced.

All the selected funds have been researched, not just from an investment perspective, but also by looking in detail at their responsible investment objectives and associated processes. Please note, we do not rate money market funds.

The RSMR Responsible range

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