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Purple squirrels: what are they hiding when it comes to US jobs vacancies?

According to one Fed governor, ‘purple squirrels’ (false vacancies) are distorting US job postings. But the relationship between unemployment and vacancies will be key to determining whether a soft landing is achievable in the US.

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Navigating ESG regulation

Financial advisers are facing an increasingly complex universe of sustainability regulations. We have created a guide to help you understand these regulatory changes, as well as how LGIM can provide support.

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From a rock to a hard place: forget inflation, growth is now the big fear

The past month saw a rapid shift in markets from worrying about inflation to worrying about growth. How should investors balance the risks?

Tags: LGIM, interest rates, Central Banks, Energy
Japan versus global inflation

Numerous factors are putting upward pressure on prices in Japan, and the yen is acting as an escape valve for the central bank's yield curve control policy.

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Gold hasn't lost all of its shine

While the precious metal appears expensive on valuation grounds, heightened risk aversion has led to additional demand from central banks.

Tags: LGIM, inflation, interest rates, Environmental Social And Governance
Can emerging markets withstand a stronger dollar?

The taper tantrum of 2013 showed how sensitive emerging markets (EMs) were to higher US rates, but there are some important differences this time around.

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Geopolitical rupture in Europe: long-term investment implications

We need to remain humble and nimble as we assess the changing investment landscape and seek to fulfil our purpose: to create a better future through responsible investing.

Tags: LGIM, Currency, Commodities, Europe, Energy, ESG
LGIM's inflation toolkit: Prepare, don't predict

As this is the first time since the 1980s that inflation has been a challenge, our Asset Allocation team has turned their four steps to navigate inflation in portfolios into a practical inflation toolkit to provide additional support that aims to help protect client portfolios.

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US profits hold firm in first quarter – but do the data point toward an earnings crunch next year? And which data are best?

First-quarter earnings for 2022 have so far not delivered many upsets, even if the post-pandemic lustre is fading. Looking to next year, however, the red-hot US labour market could threaten earnings – making it all the more important to turn to a broad set of data points to build a picture of what to expect.

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Allocations for inflation (part 6): equities

In the final part of LGIM’s series on the asset allocation response to inflation, we look at equities. The traditional view is that equities exhibit real-asset-type qualities and are thus a relatively good place to be in a period of rising inflation. While we agree with that general statement, the relationship is a bit more complicated in the details.

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Displaying: 11 - 20 of 84