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Fund update - Emerging Markets

Fidelity Emerging Markets portfolio manager Nick Price provides an update on the strategy. Following a tumultuous period in developing markets, he discusses how he is positioning the portfolio amid ongoing uncertainty, while also outlining the key areas of opportunity across this large and diverse investment universe.

Tags: Fidelity, equities, emerging markets
Asia Q3 outlook - openings and opportunities

Financials markets are at a transition point, with shifting policy and inflation dynamics prompting a “global reset”. Amid this disruption, Global CIO Andrew McCaffery believes Asia stands in a relatively strong position, with China starting to look increasingly attractive as it re-emerges from lockdowns.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Economics, Fixed Income, Asia Pacific ex Japan
China's property downturn may have found a floor

The Chinese government’s will to reform its important property sector is balanced against the more urgent task of reviving a slowing economy. With policy showing signs of softening, we assess what happens next and look at the investment opportunities in ancillary areas related to building maintenance and upgrades.

Tags: Fidelity, equities, fixed income, Asia Pacific ex Japan
Japan versus global inflation

Numerous factors are putting upward pressure on prices in Japan, and the yen is acting as an escape valve for the central bank's yield curve control policy.

Tags: LGIM, Currency, Japan, Oil, Equities, Bonds
Seven key investment themes for 2022 and beyond

Our QEP Investment team has identified seven themes to watch in the months - and in some cases years - to come.

Tags: Schroders, global, Alpha Equity, Equities
How worried should the global oil majors be about stranded assets?

In the latest thinking from M&G's Equity Research team, Michael Rae, Global Energy Analyst, answers key questions on the topic of stranded asset risk at the major oil companies by presenting our opinion on several debates.

Tags: M&G Investments, Equities, Energy
Big brands need to clean up on plastics

The recent UN treaty on global plastics is a big step towards reducing the millions of tons of plastic seeping into the environment. As governments get to work on the details, find out how we are pressing consumer companies to deliver real world solutions to one of the planet’s biggest challenges.

Tags: Fidelity, global, Sustainable Investing, equities
Is this value rally a blip or the start of a long-awaited comeback?

We are repeatedly being asked whether the current value rally is a blip or the long-awaited comeback. The answer is of course “we don’t know”. Any true value investor, unlike our growth cousins, is always wary of pretending to know very much about the future. But given we keep getting asked the question we probably should at least try to answer it. 

Tags: M&G Investments, Equities
Sifting through the wreckage

Worries about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, snarled supply chains, rising inflation and fears about possible recessionary slowdown have resulted in weakness across markets, particularly in tech-related areas. Fidelity Global Special Situations portfolio manager Jeremy Podger shares his observations on recent developments and discusses where opportunities are starting to emerge.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Global
Focusing on what matters in Japan

Nicholas Price, portfolio manager of Fidelity Japan Trust PLC, reviews recent market movements in Japan amid a sharp rotation of away from growth stocks and sectors. He discusses what lies ahead for investors and outlines the compelling long-term opportunity among small and medium-sized companies with sustainable growth prospects.

Tags: Fidelity, equities, Japan

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 108