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Global Asset Allocation Insights - July 2022

Portfolio manager Tim Foster takes stock of what has been a very challenging period for fixed income investors. He discusses how the market environment is likely to evolve over the coming months and outlines how the portfolio is positioned to capitalise on the pockets of value emerging across rates and credit markets.

Tags: Fidelity, Fixed Income, Global
Podcast: with great empowerment comes great responsibility

Sheila Nicoll and Stuart Podmore discuss what it means to be an “empowered investor” and how investors might harness their power?

Tags: Schroders, global, podcast, ESG
Look to duration as recession risks grow

Central banks are moving from tough talk to action to bring inflation under control. With history showing that policymakers rarely succeed in raising rates without triggering a downturn, Steve Ellis, Global CIO Fixed Income, believes investors should consider adding duration to portfolios as recession risks grow.

Tags: Fidelity, global
Seven key investment themes for 2022 and beyond

Our QEP Investment team has identified seven themes to watch in the months - and in some cases years - to come.

Tags: Schroders, global, Alpha Equity, Equities
Big brands need to clean up on plastics

The recent UN treaty on global plastics is a big step towards reducing the millions of tons of plastic seeping into the environment. As governments get to work on the details, find out how we are pressing consumer companies to deliver real world solutions to one of the planet’s biggest challenges.

Tags: Fidelity, global, Sustainable Investing, equities
Sifting through the wreckage

Worries about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, snarled supply chains, rising inflation and fears about possible recessionary slowdown have resulted in weakness across markets, particularly in tech-related areas. Fidelity Global Special Situations portfolio manager Jeremy Podger shares his observations on recent developments and discusses where opportunities are starting to emerge.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Global
Ukraine war won't slow decarbonisation momentum; it will accelerate it

The war in Ukraine is leading to temporarily higher emissions as some countries switch to dirtier fuels and away from politically toxic Russian oil and gas. Over the longer-term however, portfolio managers Velislava Dimitrova and Cornelia Furse believe the conflict will accelerate the adoption of alternative energy solutions. They review the factors they see indicating the growing momentum of the climate movement.

Tags: Fidelity, Sustainable Investing, Equities, Global
10 trends to watch in global equities

Having recently gone through a successful 10 years at the helm of Fidelity Global Situations, portfolio manager Jeremy Podger looks ahead to what the next decade could have in store for investors. In particular, he identifies 10 trends that are set to increasingly influence returns and discusses what this means for stock selection and portfolio construction.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Global
Don't fear duration

Steve Ellis, Global CIO Fixed Income, provides his outlook for bond markets against a challenging macro backdrop of slowing growth and inflationary risks. He outlines why investors should not fear duration in the current environment and, within this construct, reveals three key areas where we are focusing our attention: inflation protection, high quality credit and Asia.

Tags: Fidelity, Fixed Income, Europe ex UK, UK, Global
Three key demographic drivers shaping tomorrow's world

The world is changing rapidly, with three key demographic trends at play: we are living longer lives; we are living better lives; and there are more lives on the planet than ever before. We deep dive into the economic and investment implications of these shifts, outlining some of the areas that appear best placed to reward investors over time.

Tags: Fidelity, Sustainable Investing, Equities, global

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 105