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Monthly Market Review

A summary of the factors driving markets over the last month, covering the global economy as well as major asset classes, complete with Guide slides.

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China equity and ESG investing: China's sustainable future

While the economic case for investing in the Chinese stock market is straightforward, when it comes to China and sustainability, the arguments are more complex. Howard Wang, Head of Greater China Equities, looks at the considerations for investors when investing sustainably in China, with a focus on the opportunities, as well as the risks, from an ESG standpoint.

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Introducing the Mid-Year Investment Outlook 2022

Our Mid-Year Investment Outlook explores the current risk of recession, lessons from 1970s stagflation and why margins matter most for corporate earnings. We also look at the value in value stocks, current drivers in the fixed income market and the long-term potential of China. Our latest insights can help you set your course to navigate today’s volatile markets.

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ESG investing in China: Considerations for sustainable portfolios

China does not stack up well on most ESG metrics. Explore our take on whether investing in China can be reconciled with investing sustainably.

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The economic importance of biodiversity: Threats and opportunities

Biodiversity—the world’s varied wildlife, plants and habitats—is bound up with the viability of human life, especially food production. Limiting future C02 emissions will be paramount, as climate change is set to become the top threat to biodiversity—and investors have an important role to play. Those companies working to improve biodiversity may present new investing opportunities.

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What's rattling emerging market equities and where they may go from here

The latest Portfolio Insights from our Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities team takes on a wide range of topics impacting the region, including global rate hikes, China’s Covid and economic policies, and rising commodity prices.

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ESG explained in 7 essential points

Sustainable investing continues to gain momentum and the case for considering ESG factors remains as strong as ever. Revisit the key themes supporting ESG investing using our 7 Essentials infographic.

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Value vs. Growth investing: Value returns with a vengeance

Value has outperformed Growth since late 2020. However, this recent outperformance is a drop in the ocean compared to the huge underperformance of Value investing since 2007 and in the context of Value’s strong long-term returns. J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s new article explains why they believe Value’s potential for future returns remains great. Valuation spreads between Value and Growth are still extreme and flows back into Value strategies could provide a significant tailwind. Value also tends to outperform when inflation and interest rates are rising, and recently, earnings for Value stocks have surprised to the upside, while many Growth stocks have disappointed on expectations.

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ESG social factors: Accessing the "S" in ESG

Social issues, if left unaddressed, can have a detrimental impact on investment returns. Yet social factors are less well known to many sustainable investors compared to environmental and governance factors. Head of EMEA Funds, Massimo Greco spoke to Global Head of Sustainable Investing, Jennifer Wu and Investment Stewardship Specialist, Minal Dave, to find out why investors are now paying more attention to the “S” in ESG.

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Achieving net zero: The path to a carbon-neutral world

Governments are aligning behind the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, but dramatic changes to the global economy will be required to get us there. Learn more about the policies and innovations that could pave the way to a carbon-neutral world.

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