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The Climate Emergency and the role investors can play

Urgent action is needed this decade to meet global commitments on climate change. There are compelling long-term opportunities for companies that can actively accelerate the shift to a low carbon economy.

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A multi asset approach to ESG integration

Over the course of only a few years, economic, social and governance (ESG) integration has become a mainstream feature of investment funds. Together with regulatory requirements, the availability of ESG-relevant data and clients’ demands have driven a shift towards the inclusion of financially material ESG parameters across many investment strategies.

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The future for Multi Asset investing

Today’s challenges for investors are numerous, from stretched valuations in most asset classes to the urgent need of understanding whether and how to assess non-financial risks. The pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated many of these on-going trends even more. In this video, Eric Lonergan and Maria Municchi expand on why incorporating ESG risks into financial analysis matters more than ever and apply their findings to a multi asset context.

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How to invest today to meet tomorrow's challenges

In this video, Maria Municchi, Fund Manager, explores how the sustainable multi-asset strategy combines M&G’s ‘episode’ approach, taking advantage of the opportunities that could arise from investors’ emotional reactions to events, with a focus on investments that are addressing the world’s biggest social and environmental problems.

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The opportunity of our age

Randeep Somel, Fund Manager, M&G Climate Solutions Fund takes part in a question and answer to discuss climate change.

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Why momentum for climate action is growing

In what has been a very volatile start to the decade for global society, Randeep Somel, Fund Manager at M&G Investments, discusses how it is vital that we do not lose sight of the long-term challenge of climate change.

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Emerging markets outlook: seven themes for 2021

Markets ended 2020 in a buoyant mood, with emerging market spreads tightening in the final quarter as the US election result and positive vaccine news provided a boost to investor sentiment. While nobody has been blind to the global recession, focus has shifted to expectations of an economic recovery.

Tags: M&G, emerging markets, outlook
How we can invest sustainably – and manage risk

If you want some or more of your savings to be invested in a sustainable way, you are part of an emerging trend. Growing numbers are choosing investment strategies that aim to help protect the environment and benefit society, while targeting the long-term financial returns to which investors aspire.

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Testing the zero bound: the strange effects of a strange recession, in 2020 and beyond

This year has seen the sharpest and largest economic downturn the modern global economy has ever seen. However, as I have commented several times this year, this recession is a rather strange one: for once, this time really is different (see chart below). This recession has not been caused by any of the usual suspects: namely tight financial conditions, a real or market bubble bursting, a s…

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The Fed's Dots: Treasuries still dear, but no longer massively mispriced

Here’s an update of my favourite long term measure of bond market valuations.  I’ve been updating this chart on the blog over the years, and if you’d bought and sold US Treasury bonds when they diverged significantly from the range implied by the Fed’s long term rate expectations, you would have done OK

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