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Multi-asset – how might you invest when inflation is soaring?

Inflation has reached its highest level in over 40 years. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to drive up global energy and food prices. Ongoing supply-chain bottlenecks and rising labour costs are also boosting inflation. The question for investors is – which strategies might fare best if inflation persists?

Tags: abrdn, Interest rates, central banking, Multi-Asset
Climate change – time to consider a multi-asset investment strategy?

Today, half of the articles in investment magazines seem to be about ESG and climate. In our experience, however, very few funds are actually designed with a clear climate goal. We believe this is a missed opportunity.

Tags: abrdn, multi-asset, Climate Change, Responsible investing
Wealth transfer: how to prepare for the responsible heirs

The advice market is currently being buoyed by the needs of the wealthiest demographic: the baby boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964. As boomers age, though, we will start to see a wealth transfer take place. In the UK, we expect £5.5 trillion of assets will be passed down between now and 2050. On a global basis, around $68 trillion is forecast to change hands.

Tags: abrdn, UK, Multi-Asset
Allocations for inflation (part 3): when bond theories collide

In the third part of our series exploring the asset-allocation response to inflation, we look at the implications for fixed income.

Tags: LGIM, emerging markets, interest rates, multi-asset, Bonds
Our multi-asset investment views - March 2022

With the global economy headed toward stagflation, we moved underweight global equities and added exposure to gold.

Tags: Schroders, asset allocation, multi-asset
Ukraine conflict: recession risks, long-term scenarios and market sentiment

As the conflict in Ukraine leads to a humanitarian crisis, we consider how the invasion could shape the economic outlook and where market sentiment could go from here.

Tags: LGIM, volatility, multi-asset
Ukraine crisis - what are the potential economic and market implications?

As the Ukraine crisis unfolds, Fidelity’s Global CIO Andrew McCaffery reviews recent developments and outlines potential implications for economies, markets and asset allocation decisions.

Tags: multi-asset, Fixed Income, Emerging Markets, Global, Fidelity
Johanna Kyrklund: Putin and the Fed remind us what risk looks like

The Ukraine crisis highlights the need for investors to be ready for risks.

Tags: Schroders, multi-asset, Equities, commodities, Johanna Kyrklund
Taking stock of our bullish view

Taking a step back from day-to-day market movements, we have reflected on our team's overall investment strategy outlook and economic thinking. An update of our established framework of recession indicators suggests that the economy has moved into late cycle much faster than we expected. This makes our bullish view on equities more tactical than it was before.

Tags: LGIM, Bonds, Equities, multi-asset, credit
A close look at the US labour market

 In 2020, the impact of the pandemic on the US labour market was unprecedented, with the unemployment rate in the country hitting 14.8% at its peak and the number of unemployed soaring, from some 7 million to over 23 million. In this brief note we take a close look at the US labour market today and discuss why it is important for investors to watch in the coming months.

Tags: M&G Investments, multi-asset, Macroeconomics, Inflation, US, Asset allocation

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