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Podcast: Financial inclusion and the potential markets

Blue Orchard’s Felix Hermes joins Ron Insana, Senior Advisor to Schroders and CNBC contributor.  Felix describes the potential of private markets to increase financial inclusion and thus quality of life in emerging and frontier markets.  He also explains the ways his firm invests in EM infrastructure to improve economic development, social progress and climate mitigation.

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Podcast: which assets perform best (and worst) during stagflation?

As inflation and slowing growth grips the global economy, listen to Sean Markowicz reveal which asset classes are likely to outperform if stagflation comes to pass.

Tags: Schroders, Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income
Our multi-asset investment views - March 2022

With the global economy headed toward stagflation, we moved underweight global equities and added exposure to gold.

Tags: Schroders, asset allocation, multi-asset
Johanna Kyrklund: Putin and the Fed remind us what risk looks like

The Ukraine crisis highlights the need for investors to be ready for risks.

Tags: Schroders, multi-asset, Equities, commodities, Johanna Kyrklund
Four charts that explain Europe's power price surge

Soaring gas and electricity prices are here to stay this winter, and highlight the need for increased investment in energy transition technologies.

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Are women key to your future business?

It is estimated that 60% of Britain’s wealth will be in female hands by 2025. Our industry has long been aware of the opportunities and threats of the Great Wealth Transfer and yet very little consideration has been given to the fact that female spouses are often the first inheritors of this wealth. How can advisers better understand female clients?

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Why is the UK investment climate so hot right now?

UK companies have shrugged off the gloom of recent years and have become the target of considerable interest from international buyers. Meanwhile, the surge of new listings shows no sign of abating.

Tags: Schroders
Video – Kate Rogers on measuring the impacts that will benefit investors and their grandchildren

Kate Rogers, Head of Sustainability, Wealth, explains how measuring companies’ impacts could help protect profits and the planet.

Tags: Schroders, Sustainable Investing, sustainability, ESG, Equities
Which city tops the Schroders European Sustainable Cities index?

The city that has taken the top spot in our new index has benefited from its ambitious renewable energy target.

Tags: Schroders, equities, Real Estate
Why emerging markets could be the next digital frontier

With growing populations and strong potential demand for data centres, the emerging markets of Malaysia, Indonesia and India could be the next connectivity mega-hubs.

Tags: Schroders, Equities, Alpha Equity, Global

Displaying: 11 - 20 of 124