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Why cash isn't always king

A combination of low savings rates and high inflation has the potential to materially erode the real value of cash holdings over time. With UK inflation showing signs of being broader and stickier than first anticipated, we outline the benefits of short-dated credit as a tool for investors looking to sweat the cash element of a well-diversified portfolio.

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Global Economic Outlook: the inflation menace

The recovery from the Covid crisis continues, with global activity now exceeding its pre-pandemic peak. However, this rapid rebound has already run into supply constraints in many sectors and economies, leading to a surge in global inflation. Some of these demand-supply imbalances should ease over the coming quarters, helping to cool price growth. But it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Covid has permanently damaged the supply side of the global economy, implying a less favourable trade-off between growth and inflation.

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Wealth transfer: how to prepare for the responsible heirs

The advice market is currently being buoyed by the needs of the wealthiest demographic: the baby boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964. As boomers age, though, we will start to see a wealth transfer take place. In the UK, we expect £5.5 trillion of assets will be passed down between now and 2050. On a global basis, around $68 trillion is forecast to change hands.

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Why now could be the time to buy UK equities

Alex Wright, portfolio manager of Fidelity Special Situations & Special Values PLC, shares his latest outlook for UK equities. As investor sentiment shows signs of turning overly pessimistic, he outlines why, as a contrarian investor with a value focus, he is growing increasingly optimistic about certain areas of the domestic market.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, UK
Webcast: The outlook for value investing

Value stocks and sectors have rallied sharply over recent times, driven by shifting expectations for inflation and monetary policy. Our value-focused portfolio managers discuss what lies ahead for investors in the US and UK markets, with a focus on the evolving opportunity set in the financials sector.

Tags: Fidelity, US, UK
Don't fear duration

Steve Ellis, Global CIO Fixed Income, provides his outlook for bond markets against a challenging macro backdrop of slowing growth and inflationary risks. He outlines why investors should not fear duration in the current environment and, within this construct, reveals three key areas where we are focusing our attention: inflation protection, high quality credit and Asia.

Tags: Fidelity, Fixed Income, Europe ex UK, UK, Global
Quality stocks – shaken but sound

Recent market conditions have presented challenges for quality-focused investors. After years in the doldrums, lower-quality, cyclical companies are enjoying a moment in the sun. However, over a longer investment time-horizon (three to five years), value rallies like this one tend to fade.

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NICs smack, gas whack, households set to groan

Should we be concerned about a hit to UK households’ finances?

Tags: LGIM, LGIM blog, UK
The potential for higher UK inflation

The UK has experienced a high level of headline inflation this year. But is this a short-term consequence of the economic bounce-back post-covid, or the start of a longer-term pick-up in price pressure?

Tags: Invesco, UK, Fixed Interest, Economic
The Climate Emergency and the role investors can play

Urgent action is needed this decade to meet global commitments on climate change. There are compelling long-term opportunities for companies that can actively accelerate the shift to a low carbon economy.

Tags: M&G, ESG, UK, Climate Change

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