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Asia Q3 outlook - openings and opportunities

Financials markets are at a transition point, with shifting policy and inflation dynamics prompting a “global reset”. Amid this disruption, Global CIO Andrew McCaffery believes Asia stands in a relatively strong position, with China starting to look increasingly attractive as it re-emerges from lockdowns.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Economics, Fixed Income, Asia Pacific ex Japan
Macro Bytes: The Russia Ukraine crisis

In this episode recorded on 22 February 2022 we look at the rapidly changing developments between Russia and Ukraine and explore the potential longer term geopolitical consequences.

Tags: abrdn, emerging markets, economics
Savers predict double-digit investment returns: is that a danger sign?

Schroders’ latest Global Investor Study shows that despite the ongoing turmoil of the pandemic, investors are hugely optimistic about future stock market returns. Could their emotions be getting the better of them?

Tags: Schroders, Coronavirus, economics, Global
'Boom and bust' for the US consumer?

The release of pent-up demand as households spend savings accumulated during lockdown could have important implications.

Tags: Schroders, Keith Wade, Economics, GDP, US, Growth
Could global growth this year be the fastest this century? - Copy

We've substantially upgraded our growth forecasts for 2021.

Tags: Schroders, Economics, GDP, Inflation
Five key charts for investing in 2021

As investors consider their positioning for 2021, we have selected five key charts to bring them up to speed on the current investment environment.

Tags: Schroders, Markets, Economics, Equities, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset, Interest Rates
How fast can India's economy grow?

Piya Sachdeva explains why expectations for long term growth look over optimistic, and assesses how the country might lift potential growth.

Tags: Schroders, Markets, EM Equities, India, Economics
The Zero: why interest rates will stay low

Long after the world economy escapes Covid-19, interest rates are likely to remain at or around zero.

Tags: Schroders, fixed income, interest rates, inflation, economics
The Responsible Investing Podcast, Ep.5: Thinking outside the vacuum – with Stephanie Kelly

In our fifth Responsible Investing podcast, we talk to Stephanie Kelly, Senior Political Economist in the Aberdeen Standard Investments Research Institute. In a wide-ranging interview, Steph talks us through her team’s innovative global Country ESG Index, discusses the huge importance of the upcoming US election and explains why she always carries her own straw. As we said: wide-ranging.

Tags: Aberdeen Standard Investments, ESG, politics, economics
Peter Harrison: UK business needs a £30bn equity injection

The winning companies of tomorrow need help to survive today. This is how we, and the government, could help.

Tags: Schroders, equities, economics, UK

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