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Multi-asset – how might you invest when inflation is soaring?

Inflation has reached its highest level in over 40 years. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to drive up global energy and food prices. Ongoing supply-chain bottlenecks and rising labour costs are also boosting inflation. The question for investors is – which strategies might fare best if inflation persists?

Tags: abrdn, Interest rates, central banking, Multi-Asset
Fears about green inflation overblown

Fears that the global transition to a low-carbon economy will drive inflation over the long term are overblown, with the tightening of monetary policy set to have far greater implications for portfolios.

Tags: abrdn, Interest Rates, Emerging Markets, Asia, Net Zero, Responsible Investment
From a rock to a hard place: forget inflation, growth is now the big fear

The past month saw a rapid shift in markets from worrying about inflation to worrying about growth. How should investors balance the risks?

Tags: LGIM, interest rates, Central Banks, Energy
Gold hasn't lost all of its shine

While the precious metal appears expensive on valuation grounds, heightened risk aversion has led to additional demand from central banks.

Tags: LGIM, inflation, interest rates, Environmental Social And Governance
Allocations for inflation (part 6): equities

In the final part of LGIM’s series on the asset allocation response to inflation, we look at equities. The traditional view is that equities exhibit real-asset-type qualities and are thus a relatively good place to be in a period of rising inflation. While we agree with that general statement, the relationship is a bit more complicated in the details.

Tags: LGIM, Inflation, Interest rates, Equities
Corporate earnings: modest growth despite stronger headwinds

The past few months have delivered a number of unwelcome developments resulting in greater risks to economic growth, higher inflation and more volatile markets.

Tags: abrdn, Long-term, Interest rates, Equities
Allocations for inflation (part 3): when bond theories collide

In the third part of our series exploring the asset-allocation response to inflation, we look at the implications for fixed income.

Tags: LGIM, emerging markets, interest rates, multi-asset, Bonds
Are we witnessing the beginnings of a value revival?

The 15 years since the start of the Global Financial Crisis have been a difficult time for Value as illustrated in Fig. 1. We show below that this underperformance has largely been driven by low inflation and government bond yields.

Tags: abrdn, Interest rates, Inflation, Equities
Ukraine conflict: the macroeconomic impact

In our fourth post in this series, we look at the questions that Russia's invasion raises for the global economy. We also outline our views on the outlook for Fed, BoE and ECB policy.

Tags: LGIM blog, LGIM, inflation, interest rates, Europe
Inflation: stickier but still ultimately transitory

Inflation has surged to 7% in the US and 5% in Europe, and higher prices have now been in the system for a year. With higher readings also seeding higher expectations, is inflation starting to look less transitory?

Tags: abrdn, Fixed income, Credit, interest rates, ESG

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