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Podcast: What might the new world order and economy of the future look like?

Adam Tooze, historian, economist and author, rejoins the pod for the second part of our discussion about the re-shaping of global political and economic allegiances.

Tags: Schroders, podcast
Podcast: with great empowerment comes great responsibility

Sheila Nicoll and Stuart Podmore discuss what it means to be an “empowered investor” and how investors might harness their power?

Tags: Schroders, global, podcast, ESG
Podcast: The future of crypto and digital assets, with Meltem Demirors of CoinShares

Meltem Demirors is Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, among many other roles, and is a big proponent of crypto currencies and digital assets. In this show we discuss the state of the crypto currency market, the role crypto currencies might play in the future and where investors should be looking when investing in digital assets.

Tags: Schroders, podcast
Podcast: Asia Pacific real estate: is it time to invest?

During this week’s Investor Download podcast, Andrew Haskins, Head of Strategy and Investor Advisory, Real Estate, Asia Pacific, joins Ron Insana, Senior Advisor to Schroders and CNBC Contributor. During the 20-minute podcast, they elaborate on factors impacting the Asia Pacific real estate market: continued urbanization, the emergence of megacities, leadership in technology and the “silver” economy. They also highlight potential investment opportunities.

Tags: Schroders, podcast
Global Perspectives Podcast: An extreme hatred of bonds... just or unfair?

Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo, Co-Heads of Strategic Fixed Income, join Adam Hetts, Global Head of Portfolio Construction and Strategy, in the latest episode of our Global Perspectives podcast series, discussing all matters bond yields, central bank policies and the economy.

Tags: Janus Henderson, podcast
Credit Threads #1: Financial conditions

In the very first episode of our new fixed income podcast, Credit Threads, our bond specialists discuss how central banks respond to financial conditions, how they impact fixed income investing and how fund managers factor financial conditions into their decision-making.

Tags: Columbia Threadneedle Investments, podcast, fixed income
The Investor's Guide to China: Consumers

China boasts the biggest consumer market in the world by population with large parts of it still under-penetrated. Wealth and technology are fuelling the sophistication of tastes and diversifying demand, often in unexpected ways. Paras Anand, Chief Investment Officer for Asia Pacific, talks with portfolio managers Hyomi Jie and Dale Nicholls to understand the trajectory of consumption in the country and what it means for markets.

Tags: podcast, Fidelity
The Investor Download Podcast: The lessons learned from past crises

Markets have rebounded since the outbreak of the pandemic. But as cases of coronavirus continue to rise and Europe experiences another wave, questions linger over how long the calm will last. 

Johanna Kyrklund, Chief Investment Officer, and Robin Parbrook, Asian Fund Manager, chat to the pod about market behaviour since the outbreak of the pandemic and what we can learn from previous crises.

Tags: Schroders, podcast
The Investor Download Podcast: Lessons from Asia - the fight against Covid-19

Kin Weng Pang, fund manager from the Asian Multi-Asset team, provides a unique perspective on life in Asia.

Tags: Schroders, podcast
The Crisis Playbook: Global Focused Growth Equity Strategy

David Eiswert shares his views on the uncertainties sweeping through global markets.

Tags: T. Rowe Price, podcast

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