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The '3 Rs' reset: Recovery, Resilience, Redesign

As we emerge from the immediacy of the coronavirus pandemic, the scale of the damage becomes ever more apparent. The human toll is stark, with the virus reported to have taken close to three quarters…

Tags: M&G, sustainability
Impact and Sustainability: similar but different

While investors’ knowledge about Responsible Investing has generally improved over the past few years, the increasing diversity of thought in the market has created new layers of confusion. Overall, investors are better equipped to grasp the distinctions between ESG and impact investing, but remain rather perplexed about the differences between sustainable and impact investing, often mixing one with the other. From a distance, sustainable and impact investing appear quite similar. A closer look, however, reveals meaningful differences.

Tags: M&G, Impact investment, sustainability
Sustainability: six ways the corporate world will have to change

We focus on six key areas that point to a changing role of the corporate sector in society in the face of “inescapable truths”.

Tags: Schroders, sustainability, Environmental, global
COVID-19: The inextricable link between human, animal and ecosystem health

As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to cross the globe, and while we try to adapt and manage the risk, mitigate the economic impact and heed scientific advice, questions remain.

Tags: M&G, Sector/specialist, sustainability
Is sustainable air travel an electric dream?

The electrification of small planes is an exciting development, but it won’t be anywhere near enough to offset aviation’s hefty carbon footprint.

Tags: equities, global, ESG, sustainability
Turning up the heat: are investors making up for lack of public leadership?

With governments failing to display sufficient climate leadership during the G20 summit in Japan, active ownership is on the rise.

Tags: equities, global, Climate Change, sustainability, ESG
Why we're at a tipping point for clean energy

Renewable energy has been around for a while but there are now three drivers working together to speed up the transition away from fossil fuels.

Tags: equities, global, Mark Lacey, sustainability
Can Amazon really be a climate change champion?

The e-commerce giant has a chequered history when it comes to climate change, but recent steps towards carbon reduction mean we see it as a future force for good.

Tags: equities, global, ESG, Climate Change, sustainability
50 terms every sustainable investor should understand

Here’s a glossary of the key terms every sustainable investor, or anyone new to the field, needs to know.

Tags: global, ESG, sustainability, Governance, Environmental
What is the Green New Deal and what does it mean for investors

The US Green New Deal is a highly ambitious project to tackle climate change and inequality, which we think represents a major shift in the way investors think about climate change.

Tags: global, ESG, sustainability, Climate Change, sustainability

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