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With our proven expertise in providing a range of advisory services, we’ll support you through the challenges of consumer duty while ensuring you maximise value for your clients. Talking to us about your needs and aims and how we can help is completely free of charge and without obligation.

What we can do for you

Centralised Investment Proposition
  • Reviews
  • Advice
  • Enhancement
  • Management
  • Governance

Fund Panels

Fund Panels
  • OEICs & SICAVs
  • Fund ranges
  • Responsible funds
  • Passives
  • Investment trusts

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation
  • Macroeconomic insights and reports
  • Strategic asset allocation reviews
  • Tactical asset allocations
  • Independent oversight


  • Bespoke
  • MPS
  • Strategic partnerships

Investment Committee

Investment Committee
  • Independent membership
  • Advice
  • Reporting


  • Written formats
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • White label options

How we can help you

No two advice businesses have the same investment proposition needs. We have worked with a wide range of advice businesses since our launch in 2004, and have the experience and proven skillset to help with the specific components of your investment proposition, or to help you develop and implement a new CIP.

Case Studies

What were the needs?

  • A governance framework for its investment solutions that could be easily adopted by a wide variety of advice firms
  • Recommendation of investments for clients that were suitable and produced good outcomes

What did RSMR recommend and implement?

  • An investment matrix aligned with performance and volatility expectations over the medium to long term
  • An independent Investment Committee member who reviews and updates the matrix
  • Ongoing product input into the investment matrix to ensure suitability and fresh investment ideas

What has happened since?

  • Significant growth and 100% ownership by a major life company
  • RSMR-managed matrix and product selections forming the central pillar of the firm’s CIP

What were the needs?

  • Alignment of its investment solutions with an expanded asset base and uplift in financial planner numbers
  • Reduction of administrative workload after accumulating a plethora of different advisory models
  • Decreased business risk

What did RSMR recommend and implement?

  • Construction and ongoing management of portfolios which: meet cost requirements, align with the firm’s ATR tool and incorporate legacy funds where possible (subject to RSMR checks)
  • RSMR joined the Investment Committee (non-voting) and performs quarterly reporting and reviews

What has happened since?

  • Buy-in from advisers and no noticeable disruption to investors
  • Continued business growth with a scaleable CIP
  • Firm now also using RSMR MPS models, a hybrid advisory/discretionary approach that supports all areas of the investment process

What were the needs?

  • A robust fund selection process to populate portfolios
  • Additional time for clients
  • No increase in headcount

What did RSMR recommend and implement?

  • A review of funds used
  • Construction and management of an approved fund panel that provides diversity across asset classes, sectors, growth, income and ESG options
  • Quarterly reviews against agreed parameters

What has happened since?

  • Its bespoke HNW business model is underpinned by a robust fund selection process and is more profitable

Why choose RSMR?

Since RSMR launched in 2004, our core aim has been to help advice businesses be successful. By consistently delivering on this aim we have grown our client base while remaining independent, and now influence approximately £50 billion assets under advice.

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