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Russia-Ukraine War: impact on the energy transition

Some three months into the Russian-Ukraine war, our experts look at what this conflict may mean for the world’s struggle to transition to more sustainable energy and how this may affect investors.

Tags: abrdn, Net Zero, Environmental, Climate Change
Climate-related screening of investments gets continued 'green light' in new court ruling

Climate-related screening of investments gets continued ‘green light’ in new court ruling

Tags: abrdn, Discretionary
Climate change – time to consider a multi-asset investment strategy?

Today, half of the articles in investment magazines seem to be about ESG and climate. In our experience, however, very few funds are actually designed with a clear climate goal. We believe this is a missed opportunity.

Tags: abrdn, multi-asset, Climate Change, Responsible investing
Global Economic Outlook: the inflation menace

The recovery from the Covid crisis continues, with global activity now exceeding its pre-pandemic peak. However, this rapid rebound has already run into supply constraints in many sectors and economies, leading to a surge in global inflation. Some of these demand-supply imbalances should ease over the coming quarters, helping to cool price growth. But it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Covid has permanently damaged the supply side of the global economy, implying a less favourable trade-off between growth and inflation.

Tags: abrdn, inflation, Europe, UK, US, fiscal policy, monetary policy
Wealth transfer: how to prepare for the responsible heirs

The advice market is currently being buoyed by the needs of the wealthiest demographic: the baby boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964. As boomers age, though, we will start to see a wealth transfer take place. In the UK, we expect £5.5 trillion of assets will be passed down between now and 2050. On a global basis, around $68 trillion is forecast to change hands.

Tags: abrdn, UK, Multi-Asset
Corporate earnings: modest growth despite stronger headwinds

The past few months have delivered a number of unwelcome developments resulting in greater risks to economic growth, higher inflation and more volatile markets.

Tags: abrdn, Long-term, Interest rates, Equities
Global Outlook Q1 2022

Ongoing inflationary shocks, the questions around interest rates and the emergence of the new Omicron Covid variant are all making navigating the next twelve months more challenging for investors. Nonetheless, when we look beyond the headlines, there remain some reasons for optimism going into 2022.

Tags: abrdn, Politics, fiscal policy, Strategy
Are we witnessing the beginnings of a value revival?

The 15 years since the start of the Global Financial Crisis have been a difficult time for Value as illustrated in Fig. 1. We show below that this underperformance has largely been driven by low inflation and government bond yields.

Tags: abrdn, Interest rates, Inflation, Equities
2022 Sustainable Investing Outlook

Amanda Young is joined by colleagues to explore what we can expect to see on the sustainability agenda for 2022.

Tags: abrdn, ESG
Macro Bytes: The Russia Ukraine crisis

In this episode recorded on 22 February 2022 we look at the rapidly changing developments between Russia and Ukraine and explore the potential longer term geopolitical consequences.

Tags: abrdn, emerging markets, economics

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