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The rise of artificial intelligence – Transforming the world

The speed of innovation and acceleration of the AI cycle has taken the market by storm. Host Jennifer Martin is joined by David Eiswert, portfolio manager focused on global equities to learn how a diversified portfolio manager is navigating the AI investment cycle.

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Momentum: Don't fear the reapers (of high profit)

History shows that momentum-driven markets don’t necessarily lead to market downturns

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How do US elections affect stock market performance?

It’s the economy that matters for US presidential elections and stocks

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Navigating the AI cycle

Key takeaways from meeting more than 50 technology companies

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Adding emerging market debt exposure? Look to local bonds.

From the Field

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The US economy has defied recessionary fears. What now?

An economic “soft landing” is undoubtedly positive, but there are reasons to be cautious

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Vietnam: Asia's next frontier tiger

Tailwinds are gathering to support another major leap

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How aquatic alliances work to support ocean sustainability

The world’s oceans serve critical functions for communities, economies, and ecosystems. But this precious resource faces daunting challenges from climate-related risks, pollution, and overuse. Sustainable development and conservation efforts to combat these challenges are vital. In this special edition, host Nick Trueman is joined by guests from the National Aquarium in Baltimore. John Racanelli (Chief Executive Officer) and Jenn Driban (Chief Mission Officer) discuss the importance of connecting people with water and their vision for a global community of hopeful conservationists.

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The Angle - The Blue Economy--Making Waves

The Angle brings you sharp insights on the forces shaping financial markets. With dynamic perspectives from the T. Rowe Price global investing team and special guests, savvy investors can gain an information edge on today’s market themes. It’s The Angle. Only from T. Rowe Price.

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Attractive yields but narrow spreads - The credit dilemma

Even after the late-year “Santa” rally, all-in yields in many credit sectors are near multi-decade highs, making it tempting to portfolio managers to have overweight credit allocations to maximize the yield opportunity. But credit spreads are relatively narrow and the distinct risk of an economic or financial market recession looms eventually, so managers might opt to underweight credit sectors.  

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