Alastair Campbell at the RSMR Harrogate Conference

21 Aug 2023

Alastair Campbell at the RSMR Harrogate Conference

Alastair Campbell’s career has been built on his outstanding ability to communicate and overcome adversity. He’s a proven expert in both political commentary and interpersonal communication and has a profound grasp of what makes a great leader.  

‘Perseverance is about keeping going when things are tough. And resilience is how you deal with failure and setback and how you built back from it’.     

Alastair Campbell was Spokesman, Press secretary and Director of Communications for Tony Blair. He’s still active in Labour politics but there are many more strings to his bow. He’s a published author, consultant strategist, podcaster, and mental health campaigner.

Breaking down the stigma around mental illness is close to Alastair’s heart. He’s had a life-long struggle with depression and understands first-hand the battle that so many people face when it comes to mental health. He received the Mind Champion of the Year award in May 2009 in recognition of his work in this area.

Alastair is a multi-published author and released ‘Living Better – how I learned to survive depression’ in 2020. It’s an honest, moving and life affirming account of his own struggle with depression.

‘Every morning as I wake, I give myself a number. From one to 10. My depression scale. So much of the day ahead will depend on that first feeling, and the mark I give to my mood. One is pure, unadulterated happiness. Ten is actively suicidal. I never hit, or even acknowledge, either of those deliberately’.

Alastair’s latest book is all about turning your passion into action. But What Can I Do? is a masterclass in political thought and the psychology of communication and offers a mix of political insight, self-help advice, and psychological deep dive.

And if weekly insightful commentary on current events and politics is more your bag, you can tune into Alastair’s podcast with Rory Stewart, previous Cabinet minister, ‘The Rest is Politics’ where two men who’ve been at the heart of the political world join forces from across the political divide with the odd heated debate thrown in.  

Alastair Campbell will be joining us at the RSMR conference in Harrogate in November. The conference will provide you with a complete round up of market commentary from the experts and the icing on the cake will be your opportunity to listen to a multi-talented and faceted individual with compelling and influential insight into politics, communication, leadership and mental health.

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