Sustainable Equity Fund Five in Five video

25 Oct 2023

Aegon Asset Management: Sustainable Equity Fund Five in Five video

Each month the team behind our sustainable equity funds answer five topical questions in five minutes – or sometimes a little over! They tackle questions on sustainability issues, introduce new stocks and discuss the impact of market conditions.

October 2023

In the latest 5in5 Iain Snedden is joined by Malcolm McPartlin and Claire Marwick, co-managers of the Global Sustainable Equity Strategy, for a quarterly update on markets and the portfolio. They discuss why Q3 has been a difficult period for a lot of sustainable stocks and the specific challenges faced within the strategy. They highlight some of the top and bottom performers within the portfolio and review a new cyber security stock. Although the market backdrop remains uncertain, we believe the themes we invest in remain robust from a long-term perspective.

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