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High yield: Breaking down the maturity wall

The maturity wall has been a hot topic lately—and rightfully so. After all, the ability of issuers to repay their debt obligations is a key consideration for bond investors. And assessing the upcoming maturity schedule becomes even more critical for high yield companies, some of which may face strained liquidity or challenges accessing capital markets.

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Video: Strategic Thinking – March 2024

In the latest Strategic Thinking video, Colin Finlayson, co-manager of the Aegon Strategic Bond strategies, examines recent dynamics within the fixed income market, particularly the divergent performance between government bonds and corporate bonds. He discusses what’s driving this dynamic, if it’s likely to continue and what this means for the Aegon strategic bond strategies.

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Fixed Income Opportunities: Evaluating Spreads vs. Yields

Rising rates have led to attractive yields across the fixed income market. However, corporate credit spreads are tight. This leaves many investors grappling with the valuations conundrum, as they debate yields versus spreads to determine their fixed income allocations. Will slowing economic conditions result in spread widening? Do higher yields provide a sufficient cushion against downside risk? And is now the time to add fixed income exposure?

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Remaining flexible to solve the income puzzle

2024 sees the Aegon Diversified Monthly Income Fund reach it’s 10-year anniversary, and with it an enviable track record of successfully delivering a yield that has averaged more than 5%*, irrespective of the macro and market environment. 

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A decade of evolution – what's changed since 2014

Since its launch in 2014, the Aegon Diversified Income Fund has delivered an average level of income of 5.2%* per annum despite the challenges of the macro environment. This was also a decade when investment practice and the regulatory framework around ESG saw great change.

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The other 'Magnificent 7'

Much was written about the ‘Magnificent 7’ last year and rightly so - the cohort of US mega cap, tech related stocks accounted for around 80% of the total returns of the S&P 500. But there was another Magnificent 7 that was much closer to home for the Aegon Global Equity Income team. 2023 saw the Fund post its seventh consecutive year of above median performance versus its Lipper peer group*, which is an achievement we are very proud of, especially given the range of market conditions faced over that time.

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Bonds are back with a bang!

The final two months of 2023 were among the strongest on record for global bonds. The catalysts were expectations of imminent global central bank easing combined with growth holding up quite well. The result was that all asset classes fundamentally repriced the investment outlook, and bonds were not left behind.

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2024 Equities Outlook

There have been two standout themes in global equities in 2023: the outperformance of the so called 'magnificent seven' US mega-cap tech stocks (without which US indices would have underperformed), and the Japanese stock market. There were also two standout underperformers - China and the UK. Will these trends continue in 2024?

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2024 Fixed Income Outlook

Colin Finlayson, Euan McNeil and Thomas Hanson from Aegon Asset Management’s fixed income team take a closer look at the prospects for Sovereign Bonds, Investment Grade Credit and High Yield Credit in 2024.

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How asset allocation decisions evolve to reflect higher yields

The Aegon Diversified Monthly Income Fund has always evolved to meet the challenges and  opportunities of the economic cycle. The availability of income today allows for asset allocation decisions that would have been unthinkable when rates were close to zero.

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