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Competing forces in the high yield bond market

Our fund’s exposure to bonds rated B and below has rarely been lower. This part of the market is a natural hunting ground for us, given its explicit mandate to deliver high income. Yields remain higher here than in BB and above. So, why steer away from it?

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UK smaller companies: Where others see small, we see extraordinary

In this video recorded at a private investor conference in May 2024, fund manager Robin West sets out why UK smaller companies deserve closer attention with insights on some of the extraordinary businesses in the portfolio.

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Invesco Bond Income Plus Ltd – Refuelling the engine

Over the last two years it’s become much easier to earn an attractive level of yield from bonds. Rhys Davies looks at how the improving opportunity set has boosted the level of income in the Invesco Bond Income Plus portfolio.

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UK smaller companies: Q1 2024 market review and outlook

What were the key events driving the market in Q1 2024 and how did the trust perform? In this video, fund manager Robin West discusses UK interest rates, inflation and recent performance, plus how he sees the economy and market progressing in 2024.

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Bridging the funding gap for UK Small quoted companies

As economic growth stalls and fewer small and medium-sized businesses choose to list in the UK, we explore policy measures that could help provide a boost to the sector.

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UK smaller companies: 4th quarter gains provide optimism for 2024

What were the key events in Q4 2023 and how did the trust perform? Fund manager Jonathan Brown discusses UK inflation and interest rates, reviews Q4 2023 portfolio performance, before sharing his outlook for the UK smaller companies sector in 2024. Watch the video to learn more.

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Fixed income 2024 investment outlook

As we head into 2024, the market consensus is generally that interest rates have peaked – which is exciting news for bond investors. We explore the implications across a broad range of fixed income asset classes.

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Equities investment outlook: our equity market predictions for 2024

It’ll be a challenging backdrop for equities in 2024. From an investment perspective, company fundamentals are likely to become more important. 

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Value versus growth: Is it time for value?

Value investing is expected to enjoy a renaissance as the decades long downtrend in bond yields is finally over.

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UK smaller companies - 3rd quarter of 2023 sees an increase in take-over activity

Macroeconomic factors have continued to influence market sentiment over the quarter. Fund Manager Robin West shares his thoughts on the outlook for UK smaller companies in his latest video update.

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