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Why the election will be good for small caps

Will Tamworth, co-manager of the Artemis UK Smaller Companies Fund, says the high level of M&A in UK small caps allows investors to reinvest the proceeds in under valued businesses for future returns.

Tags: Artemis, UK equities
Has Brexit fundamentally altered the UK small-cap effect?

Mark Niznik says the steady de-rating of smaller companies is not a sign of something breaking, but of valuations becoming stretched – and like a piece of elastic, they will eventually snap back.

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India: Investing in the world's most expensive stock market

With the world’s largest population and currently the fastest growing economy, India offers impressive growth characteristics. But this comes at a price. In Shiller P/E terms, India is the world’s most expensive stock market. Raheel Altaf explains where he is finding opportunities in India at a reasonable price.

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Five charts: The case for investing in UK equities

Do companies listed in the UK deserve to trade on a historically wide discount to their global peers? Five charts help to explain why investors who ignore the UK risk missing out on profits that are staring them right in the face…

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Could this oil & gas stock get a renewable seal of approval?

About 30% of John Crane’s sales now come from products and services that provide decarbonisation benefits, but unlike many companies in the renewable energy sector, it has powerful barriers to entry that should allow it to defend and increase its profits over the coming decades.

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Q&A: The macroeconomic outlook for fixed income

Liam O’Donnell leads the Artemis fixed income team’s strategy on macro and rates. Here, he provides his thoughts on the current economic backdrop and the implications for the fixed income market.

Tags: Artemis, Fixed Income
Where to find crisis valuations without the crisis

Jack Holmes, manager of the Artemis Funds (Lux) – Global High Yield Bond Fund, says there are occasions when not only is the market inefficient, but it throws up opportunities that simply defy logic.

Tags: Artemis
Emerging markets – an attractive combination of growth and income

Investors have tended to view emerging markets as a long-term growth asset. Yet improvements to balance sheets and changes to shareholder policies now mean that many EM companies are offering attractive dividend yields and enacting share buybacks. This creates opportunities for investors looking for income as well as growth.

Tags: Artemis, Emerging markets
Why increasing share buybacks are a positive signal for UK equities

UK equities may be out of favour with global asset allocators, but there is one set of investors who are snapping them up at a rate rarely, if ever, seen before.

Tags: Artemis, UK Equities
Hiding in plain sight: the case for US smaller companies

While the giant US tech stocks have dominated returns over recent years, the shares of smaller US companies have languished and are now trading at a discount to larger companies. We believe this represents a very attractive entry point to one of the world’s most vibrant economies.

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