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5 ways to close the credibility gap

Eva Cairns suggests five ways in which investors can help to close the credibility gap between companies & climate ambition and credible action.

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European offices: are they fit for the digital evolution?

Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst to expedite trends that were in place long before the pandemic emerged. Hybrid working arrangements and the digitalisation of working practices were already adopted by many organisations, in some cases for several decades. Material technological advances over the last five years have enabled us all to embrace more agile working, while retaining significant levels of connectivity and productivity outside of the office.

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Fund management and football – lessons from Cruyff

While not immediately obvious, ‘the Sage of Omaha’ and ‘Jopie’ have a lot in common – integrity, authenticity and a track-record of success. While investors will be familiar with Buffet’s proclamations, on the eve of a summer of soccer we’re turning to Cruyff’s words. After all, not only was he a titan on the football field, he is also credited with transforming Barcelona into a powerhouse of European football. So, what can we learn?

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How climate scenario analysis is changing the questions we ask

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today. Many governments, countries and industries have recognised the threat and are taking measures to try to counter it. Much depends on their success or failure. As asset managers, however, our primary interest is in the investment implications. 

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Why investing in infrastructure is a win-win for both insurers and society

There are a host of reasons why insurers should consider investing in infrastructure. Not only are there benefits for the industry, there are benefits for wider society too, as we report.

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What part do behavioural biases play in quality investing?

Quality investing means buying and holding a portfolio of quality companies. In Part I of our recent White Paper on the subject, we look at the reasons and influences behind quality stocks’ performance. One of the explanations comes from the area of behavioural psychology. The behavioural biases of the ‘average’ investor can drive performance patterns that create opportunities for more rational and astute market participants.

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Growth or Value?

It feels like the investment world is divided into two camps at the moment. Are you a quality/growth investor or a value investor? You’re one or the other, so pick your team. And that’s as true in the UK equities market as anywhere else, right now.

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China's ESG trailblazers

A common perception about China is that understanding of ESG is rudimentary. That may have been true in the past. But it's not what we're seeing today. 

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Finding value in a low yield environment

2020 saw returns of almost 9% from sterling Investment Grade bonds. This was quite a turnaround from March of last year, when coronavirus fears peaked and performance was the weakest since the global financial crisis. But with bond yields now close to 10-year lows, where do we go from here?

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China in 10 charts

Investing in the right active strategy will be key as momentum for China’s V-shaped rebound moderates once the rest of the world recovers and Beijing normalises policy.

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