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Why cash isn't always king

A combination of low savings rates and high inflation has the potential to materially erode the real value of cash holdings over time. With UK inflation showing signs of being broader and stickier than first anticipated, we outline the benefits of short-dated credit as a tool for investors looking to sweat the cash element of a well-diversified portfolio.

Tags: Fidelity, Fixed Income, UK
Asia Q3 outlook - openings and opportunities

Financials markets are at a transition point, with shifting policy and inflation dynamics prompting a “global reset”. Amid this disruption, Global CIO Andrew McCaffery believes Asia stands in a relatively strong position, with China starting to look increasingly attractive as it re-emerges from lockdowns.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Economics, Fixed Income, Asia Pacific ex Japan
China's property downturn may have found a floor

The Chinese government’s will to reform its important property sector is balanced against the more urgent task of reviving a slowing economy. With policy showing signs of softening, we assess what happens next and look at the investment opportunities in ancillary areas related to building maintenance and upgrades.

Tags: Fidelity, equities, fixed income, Asia Pacific ex Japan
Global Asset Allocation Insights - July 2022

Portfolio manager Tim Foster takes stock of what has been a very challenging period for fixed income investors. He discusses how the market environment is likely to evolve over the coming months and outlines how the portfolio is positioned to capitalise on the pockets of value emerging across rates and credit markets.

Tags: Fidelity, Fixed Income, Global
The Fed capitulates

The Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points in its June policy meeting, acknowledging continued upside surprises on inflation, inflation expectations and wage growth. It also de facto abandoned forward guidance. It was a reminder that economic data eventually rule the day, says Franklin Templeton Fixed Income CIO Sonal Desai. She argues this is a welcome but only partial move to a more realistic stance, and discusses why further hawkish surprises likely lie ahead.

Tags: Franklin Templeton, Global Fixed Income, Fixed Income, Monetary Policy, Inflation
Talking about climate change

It was an interesting week for responsible investment. Stuart Kirk put the cat among the pigeons by suggesting that there were more important issues for investors to consider than climate change.

Tags: Royal London Asset Management, Fixed income
Don't fear duration

Steve Ellis, Global CIO Fixed Income, provides his outlook for bond markets against a challenging macro backdrop of slowing growth and inflationary risks. He outlines why investors should not fear duration in the current environment and, within this construct, reveals three key areas where we are focusing our attention: inflation protection, high quality credit and Asia.

Tags: Fidelity, Fixed Income, Europe ex UK, UK, Global
Podcast: which assets perform best (and worst) during stagflation?

As inflation and slowing growth grips the global economy, listen to Sean Markowicz reveal which asset classes are likely to outperform if stagflation comes to pass.

Tags: Schroders, Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income
Ukraine crisis - what are the potential economic and market implications?

As the Ukraine crisis unfolds, Fidelity’s Global CIO Andrew McCaffery reviews recent developments and outlines potential implications for economies, markets and asset allocation decisions.

Tags: multi-asset, Fixed Income, Emerging Markets, Global, Fidelity
Inflation: stickier but still ultimately transitory

Inflation has surged to 7% in the US and 5% in Europe, and higher prices have now been in the system for a year. With higher readings also seeding higher expectations, is inflation starting to look less transitory?

Tags: abrdn, Fixed income, Credit, interest rates, ESG

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