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Understanding China's recent volatility

China’s equity markets have declined further over recent weeks off the back of weak data and a subdued response from policymakers. Marty Dropkin, Head of Equities - Asia Pacific, considers recent moves in the context of China’s broader economic objectives and outlines where our local team are identifying pockets of resilience and innovation, which could reward investors willing to take a long-term view.

Tags: Fidelity, Asia Pacific ex Japan
The economy in 2024: Something will give

The economy continues to deliver surprises but we are confident of one thing: if US and other developed world interest rates have not peaked already, then they will do so soon. With growth set to stall, Global Head of Macro and Strategic Asset Allocation Salman Ahmed details four potential scenarios for 2024 and the next leg of a business cycle, which has seen the most intense round of monetary tightening in a generation.

Tags: Fidelity, Economics, Global
Pricing power and balance

Portfolio managers Sam Morse and Marcel Stotzel review the challenges and complexities facing investors in Continental European equity markets. As the outlook across the region remains precariously balanced, they discuss why a balanced portfolio of sustainable dividend payers with strong pricing power has the potential to navigate a challenging macro backdrop.

Tags: Fidelity, Investment Trusts, Equities, UK
Finding resilience and predictability in uncertain times

Recession risks are rising and valuations in pockets of the equity market are starting to look stretched. In this environment, Fidelity Global Dividend Fund portfolio manager Dan Roberts outlines the benefits of valuation discipline and focusing on quality dividend-payers that have the resilience to weather a range of economic scenarios.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Global
The value in UK value

Alex Wright, portfolio manager of the Fidelity Special Situations Fund and Fidelity Special Values PLC, shares his outlook for UK equities in 2024. He highlights the unloved areas of the domestic market where he sees potential for recovery and discusses why we could be at the start of a sustained period of outperformance from UK value stocks and sectors.

Tags: Fidelity, Investment Trusts, Equity, UK
Think structural growth, think Asia

Asia remains an attractive market for long-term investors with structural growth across markets, driven by a growing middle class and increasing penetration of consumer products and services. Fidelity Asia Fund portfolio manager Teera Chanpongsang outlines how investors can best position to benefit from the region’s growth story in 2024 and beyond.

Tags: Fidelity
UK equities - down but not out

While the UK macro picture remains challenging, portfolio manager Alex Wright believes investment opportunities are still available for those who know where to look. He reviews recent market movements and highlights how Fidelity Special Situations & Special Values PLC are positioned to capitalise on unloved areas with overlooked potential.

Tags: Fidelity, Investment Trusts, Equities, UK
CIO market outlook

Global CIO Andrew McCaffery and senior members of our team review current market dynamics and provide an insight into the implications of recent macro and policy developments. They outline how this evolving backdrop is informing our views across asset classes as we head into the final quarter of 2023.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Multi Asset, Economics, Fixed Income, Global
The cost of higher for longer

With US labour markets still strong, the Federal Reserve is sticking to its “higher for longer” messaging. Global Head of Macro & Strategic Asset Allocation Salman Ahmed analyses the future direction for inflation and growth and believes the US economy could be in for a shock next year when the impact of higher rates finally start to bite.

Tags: Fidelity, Multi Asset, Economics, US
Why cash will reign supreme

While lower for longer was the mantra of the last decade, there is a new catchphrase in town - higher for longer. As income-seeking investors adjust to this new environment, our fixed income investment team outline why the high-quality class looks well placed to command increased allocations and deliver relatively attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Tags: Fidelity, UK

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 134