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UK election special: our experts discuss investor implications

The accuracy of opinion polls has meant that the initial reaction of sterling assets to a new government has been relatively muted. But irrespective of a change of politicians, for investors the key issues remain the same – namely the rise of geopolitics, immigration, deglobalisation and fiscal versus monetary policy.

Tags: LGIM, United Kingdom, Election, Asset Allocation
UK election: Implications for investors

We weigh what the Labour win means for the macro outlook and what the vote tells us about longer-term themes.

Tags: LGIM, United Kingdom, Election
Podcast: Curve inversion, credit and China

Just when investors thought inflation was under control, short-dated bond yields are on the rise again as the possibility of higher rates from central banks looms large. But what's the impact on other asset classes? Find out in the latest episode of Market Talk.

Tags: LGIM, podcast, Recession, inflation, Central Banks
Is King Dollar's reign at an end?

Probably, but the more important question is whether a weaker dollar has already been priced in by markets.   

Tags: LGIM, US Dollar, Central banks
US debt deadlock: what happens next?

With a repeat of the 2011 US debt ceiling showdown increasingly likely, we give some answers on how an agreement could be reached.

Tags: LGIM, US Dollar, politics
2023 outlook: bracing for another tough year

We expect much of the world to slip into recession, creating a challenging backdrop for equities. But there are also grounds for some optimism.

Tags: LGIM
Bleak House: Our outlook for the UK

The pain for the UK economy from rising mortgage rates and utility costs has only just begun. Brace for a longer and deeper recession than consensus expects, write Tim Drayson and Hetal Mehta.

Tags: LGIM
Why did markets rally, and can it be sustained?

Last week's small inflation miss led to a big market reaction, reflecting hopes that we're near the end of the hiking cycle. But as we drift towards recession, will the corporate outlook spoil the mood?

Tags: LGIM
The three barriers to economic growth today – and how they can be overcome

Several major factors are weighing on economic growth today. How could these problems be resolved, and how likely are we to see solutions?

Tags: LGIM
Peak inflation signals the beginning of the end

Upside inflation surprises have weighed on markets all year, but as inflation and growth fall, so could bond yields.

Tags: LGIM

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 84