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Market Watch with Shamik Dhar | 75

In this week's Market Watch, Shamik delves into the likelihood of a recession, but his primary focus is on the market's optimism regarding a soft landing and recession avoidance. Shamik highlights four key reasons for this perspective. Discover these four factors and their global implications. 

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Soft Landing, Recession, Market Watch
Podcast: Curve inversion, credit and China

Just when investors thought inflation was under control, short-dated bond yields are on the rise again as the possibility of higher rates from central banks looms large. But what's the impact on other asset classes? Find out in the latest episode of Market Talk.

Tags: LGIM, podcast, Recession, inflation, Central Banks
The curve that's crying wolf

The yield-curve boy is crying wolf, raising recession fears. But the villagers at central banks have responded to dangers already.

Tags: Central Banks, Recession, US, Growth

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