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You got a trend in me: 'Recessionary Alpha'

Mathew Kaleel, Andrew Kaleel and Maya Perone, Portfolio Managers in the Diversified Alternatives team at Janus Henderson, look at the profile of returns for trend following strategies during recessionary environments.

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Healthcare's recession playbook

Healthcare historically has outperformed during market downturns, and the current period is no exception. But some areas of the sector tend to be more defensive than others, says Portfolio Manager Andy Acker. At the same time, investors should not lose sight of healthcare’s long-term growth opportunities.

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Has TINA TURNED? Are equities no longer SIMPLY THE BEST?

Alistair Sayer, Client Portfolio Manager, considers why investors’ need for real diversification in their portfolios could be a long-term driver of demand for liquid alternatives as they seek to manage inflation and rising rates.

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Anatomy of a short squeeze: causes, outcomes and lessons

Portfolio Manager Mathew Kaleel and David Elms, Head of Diversified Alternatives, consider the lessons that short squeezes can offer about the inherent danger of carrying excessive leverage or short positions during periods of heightened risk and illiquidity.

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Here's why you should consider staying invested in tech stocks

The Portfolio Construction and Strategy (PCS) Team discuss why an allocation to technology is essential in a diversified portfolio and highlight some key factors for a rewarding investment.

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European equities: do not take a binary approach

John Bennett, Director of European Equities, discusses why investors should not take a binary view on the value/growth debate and explains why he thinks the worst is yet to come for financial markets.

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Is the 60/40 free lunch over?

The Signal and Noise series from Janus Henderson’s Portfolio Construction and Strategy Team seeks to identify historical patterns and precedents through which we can view current market challenges, escape analysis paralysis and drive toward an actionable set of portfolio solutions.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Portfolio Construction, volatility
Boom-bust economics is back! Be warned...

John Pattullo explains why he believes a recession seems unavoidable and that we are back to the boom-bust economics of the ‘80s.

Tags: Janus Henderson
European smaller companies: fertile ground for active stock pickers

European equities manager Ollie Beckett and Rory Stokes present the case for European smaller companies and explain why the asset class offers bountiful opportunity for active stock pickers.

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ESG and sustainable investing: navigating adverse weather systems

Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of Global Sustainable Equities, answers key questions on the drivers shaping environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainable investing in 2022 and beyond.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Volatility, ESG

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