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Data center boom: Navigating the power crunch

As the data center expansion driven by artificial intelligence (AI) forges ahead, Portfolio Manager Aaron Scully explores growth opportunities and how investors can navigate electricity bottlenecks.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Technology, Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
Equity investors navigate pivotal change

Walter Scott’s Alan Edington outlines the pivotal issues facing equity markets and explains why he thinks certain companies could weather potential consequences.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Technology, Sectors, Macroeconomics, Equities
Pivotal moments

Economists and portfolio managers from BNY Mellon Investment Management share ‘pivotal moments’ of recent years and how they have influenced macroeconomic and market trends

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Thematics, technology, Equities, sustainability, Macroeconomics, Fixed Income
Quick View: nVIDIA – focus on the fundamentals, not the hype

Portfolio Manager Richard Clode comments on nVIDIA’s latest earnings announcement and discusses the factors supporting more sustainable returns for the company.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Technology
Recharging the EV trade

Why the electric vehicles (EVs) trade could be set for a boost – and why Newton is well prepared to explore this and other alternatives markets.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Sustainability, Multi-Asset, Technology, Alternatives
Mettler Toledo: a picture of consistency

Walter Scott client investment manager Murdo MacLean profiles Mettler Toledo, a Swiss-headquartered, US-listed manufacturer of precision weighing and analytical equipment.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Technology, Sectors, Equities
JH Explorer in Singapore: AI-focused client event at Google

Ahead of speaking at a recent client event focusing on generative AI at Google’s Asia HQ in Singapore, Portfolio Manager Richard Clode shares his thoughts on Google, and AI as the next major compute wave that is going to define the next decade and disrupt many industries.

Tags: technology, Janus Henderson
How will the AI hype impact European equities?

John Bennett, Director of European Equities, discusses the pitfalls associated with following the ‘hype’ of artificial intelligence (AI) and highlights where opportunities lie for investors.

Tags: technology, Janus Henderson
What is the metaverse, and is it really the next big thing?

In the first of a two-part blog, we delve into the metaverse, and consider how far the vision is from becoming a (virtual) reality.

Tags: LGIM, Technology, Equities
China's techtonic shift

What should investors make of China’s crackdown on its technology companies?


Tags: LGIM, China, technology

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