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Pricing power and balance

Portfolio managers Sam Morse and Marcel Stotzel review the challenges and complexities facing investors in Continental European equity markets. As the outlook across the region remains precariously balanced, they discuss why a balanced portfolio of sustainable dividend payers with strong pricing power has the potential to navigate a challenging macro backdrop.

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The value in UK value

Alex Wright, portfolio manager of the Fidelity Special Situations Fund and Fidelity Special Values PLC, shares his outlook for UK equities in 2024. He highlights the unloved areas of the domestic market where he sees potential for recovery and discusses why we could be at the start of a sustained period of outperformance from UK value stocks and sectors.

Tags: Fidelity, Investment Trusts, Equity, UK
UK equities - down but not out

While the UK macro picture remains challenging, portfolio manager Alex Wright believes investment opportunities are still available for those who know where to look. He reviews recent market movements and highlights how Fidelity Special Situations & Special Values PLC are positioned to capitalise on unloved areas with overlooked potential.

Tags: Fidelity, Investment Trusts, Equities, UK
Why cash will reign supreme

While lower for longer was the mantra of the last decade, there is a new catchphrase in town - higher for longer. As income-seeking investors adjust to this new environment, our fixed income investment team outline why the high-quality class looks well placed to command increased allocations and deliver relatively attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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All quiet on the home front?

After years of political turbulence which have caused innumerable headaches for UK equity investors, the UK now seems to be in the early stages of a calmer period, which could see it regaining some of its past reputation as a well-run advanced economy. Against this backdrop, Fidelity UK Select Fund portfolio manager Aruna Karunathilake reviews the market environment and outlines why he is feeling increasingly optimistic on the outlook for UK equities.

Tags: Fidelity, UK
Higher inflation, higher interest rates and higher education – the graduate conundrum

As markets, central banks, governments and consumers alike try to adjust to levels of inflation not seen for decades, there is one stream of RPI-linked income that is potentially very attractive to the UK government right now – student loans.

Tags: M&G Investments, UK, Student Debt
Investment IQ Podcast Series: Finimize

Max Rofagha, Founder and CEO of Finimize, joins host Richard Dunbar in the latest episode of the Investment IQ Podcast series. Max and Richard discuss the history of Finimize, how it can tackle the information asymmetry between institutional and retail investors, and how Finimize and abrdn can work together to create a powerhouse for investing information and research. The discussion also touches on the global problem of financial literacy and how 'learning by doing' may be part of the answer. This podcast was recorded in July 2022.

Tags: abrdn, Thought leadership, UK
Why cash isn't always king

A combination of low savings rates and high inflation has the potential to materially erode the real value of cash holdings over time. With UK inflation showing signs of being broader and stickier than first anticipated, we outline the benefits of short-dated credit as a tool for investors looking to sweat the cash element of a well-diversified portfolio.

Tags: Fidelity, Fixed Income, UK
Global Economic Outlook: the inflation menace

The recovery from the Covid crisis continues, with global activity now exceeding its pre-pandemic peak. However, this rapid rebound has already run into supply constraints in many sectors and economies, leading to a surge in global inflation. Some of these demand-supply imbalances should ease over the coming quarters, helping to cool price growth. But it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Covid has permanently damaged the supply side of the global economy, implying a less favourable trade-off between growth and inflation.

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Wealth transfer: how to prepare for the responsible heirs

The advice market is currently being buoyed by the needs of the wealthiest demographic: the baby boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964. As boomers age, though, we will start to see a wealth transfer take place. In the UK, we expect £5.5 trillion of assets will be passed down between now and 2050. On a global basis, around $68 trillion is forecast to change hands.

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