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Strategic Thinking – January 2023

In the latest edition of Strategic Thinking, Colin Finlayson, co-manager of the Strategic Bond strategy, shares his thoughts on the key macro-economic factors that are worth watching for to determine the direction of fixed income markets in 2023. Colin also explains the reasons why we believe 2023 offers a much more positive outlook for bond markets and how we plan to take advantage of this within our portfolio positioning.   

Tags: Aegon Asset Management, Banks, credit
Global Perspectives: PCS Team offers shock therapy for market turmoil

In this edition of our Global Perspectives podcast series, the Portfolio Construction and Strategy (PCS) Team discusses key insights from their latest Trends and Opportunities report, entitled “Shock Therapy.” Global Head of PCS Adam Hetts moderates the conversation with two of the team's Senior Portfolio Strategists, Lara Reinhard and Sabrina Geppert.

Tags: Janus Henderson, volatility, credit
Global credit outlook, Richard Woolnough

Watch Richard Woolnough as he discusses the latest developments in global credit markets, and find out where he sees potential opportunities.

Tags: M&G Investments, Inflation, Credit
The case for high yield bonds

What are high yield bonds and why should investors consider them?

Tags: Janus Henderson, credit
Five questions fixed income investors are asking in 2022

Central bank policy is a focus for markets this year as the narrative has shifted towards tightening. Our fixed income teams consider the conundrums facing investors and where, outside of policy, there are opportunities and risks in the bond markets.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Russia/Ukraine Conflict, credit, Macroeconomics
Caution Merited in an Increasingly Uncertain Market

With inflation reaching multi-decade highs, Portfolio Managers Jason England and Dan Siluk believe that the path for central banks has become perilously narrow, thus increasing the chances of a policy error catching investors by surprise.

Tags: Janus Henderson, credit, Macroeconomics
Inflation: stickier but still ultimately transitory

Inflation has surged to 7% in the US and 5% in Europe, and higher prices have now been in the system for a year. With higher readings also seeding higher expectations, is inflation starting to look less transitory?

Tags: abrdn, Fixed income, Credit, interest rates, ESG
Is the drive to green energy pushing up inflation?

Inflation continues to surge, having reached 7% in the US and nearing 5% in Europe. A major contributor to higher inflation of late has been oil prices, which have surged by over 50% in the past year as consumption outpaced production.

Tags: Fixed income, Credit, Climate Change, ESG
Taking stock of our bullish view

Taking a step back from day-to-day market movements, we have reflected on our team's overall investment strategy outlook and economic thinking. An update of our established framework of recession indicators suggests that the economy has moved into late cycle much faster than we expected. This makes our bullish view on equities more tactical than it was before.

Tags: LGIM, Bonds, Equities, multi-asset, credit
Rising stars and ratings upgrades: Why economic recovery is a boon to high yield

With a more robust economic recovery now unfolding, we expect fundamentals in high yield credit to improve, leading to more ratings upgrades.

Tags: Schroders, Fixed Income, Credit, Bonds, highyield

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