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Leaping into 2024

In 2024’s first edition of Market Watch, Shamik Dhar, chief economist at BNY Mellon Investment Management, explores market scenarios for this year. Dhar also underscores the significance of the ballot box in 2024, with close to 50% of the world’s population having elections.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Market Watch, Interest Rates, Inflation, Bonds
United States trumps Europe

In this week’s Market Watch, Shamik Dhar chief economist, BNY Mellon Investment Managementdelves into the comparative market and economic performance of the United States and Europe. Dhar underscores four pivotal factors contributing to the superior performance of the United States, namely consumer robustness, fiscal policy, global interdependence, and fluctuations in international trade behavior. 

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Market Watch, Interest Rates, Inflation, Bonds
Zombie Firms: Navigating the Looming Threat of Higher Interest Rates

Everyone knows that the best way to kill a Zombie is to smash its brain. For Zombie firms, that killer blow is higher interest rates.

Tags: M&G Investments, refinancing, Halloween, corporate bonds, Interest Rates
Market Watch | October 12, 2023

In this week’s Market Watch Shamik  Dhar explores the recent boon of bond markets and bond yields, attributing this to  the markets realisation  interest rates will stay higher for longer. Moreover, Shamik Dhar teases his extensive research piece, Tidal Forces, on long term real interest rates. Find out more.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Market Watch, Market Watch, Interest Rates, Inflation, Bonds
Market Watch with Shamik Dhar

In this week's Market Watch, Shamik Dhar gives a taster of things to come over the next few weeks, exploring the potential of a soft landing and his views on the outcome for interest rates.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Soft Landing, Interest Rates
Banking Blues II

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has thrust the banking sector back into the headlines. Fifteen years on from the GFC, the industry is once again attracting the scrutiny of nervous regulators and investors. “Plus ça change” one might be tempted to say.

Tags: Walter Scott, Silicon Valley Bank, Interest Rates, Banks
The Big Chill

Equity markets lost steam in August as central banks re-emphasised their commitment to tackling inflation, despite the risks to growth. Meanwhile, energy supply constraints have worsened in Europe following the loss of key Russian gas supplies. Gas prices have cooled in September, but remain stubbornly high. With the winter months fast approaching, can governments, businesses and consumers avoid the worst outcomes?  Investment Specialist, Kirsty Clark reviews recent market performance and comments on the deepening energy supply crisis in Europe.

Tags: M&G Investments, Energy Prices, Consumer Demand, interest rates
Multi-asset – how might you invest when inflation is soaring?

Inflation has reached its highest level in over 40 years. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to drive up global energy and food prices. Ongoing supply-chain bottlenecks and rising labour costs are also boosting inflation. The question for investors is – which strategies might fare best if inflation persists?

Tags: abrdn, Interest rates, central banking, Multi-Asset
Fears about green inflation overblown

Fears that the global transition to a low-carbon economy will drive inflation over the long term are overblown, with the tightening of monetary policy set to have far greater implications for portfolios.

Tags: abrdn, Interest Rates, Emerging Markets, Asia, Net Zero, Responsible Investment
From a rock to a hard place: forget inflation, growth is now the big fear

The past month saw a rapid shift in markets from worrying about inflation to worrying about growth. How should investors balance the risks?

Tags: LGIM, interest rates, Central Banks, Energy

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