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Rate cutting cycles in US back to 1969

Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo, Co-Heads of Global Bonds, explain why the inflation battle is fast becoming yesterday’s news. As attention turns to rate cuts, they look back through history to gauge the potential direction for bond yields.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Inflation
Global Perspectives: Disinflation creates solid ground for rate cuts

Jenna Barnard, Co-Head of Global Bonds, looks at key factors shaping the economy and markets and why the disinflation dynamic should leave bonds well positioned as 2024 progresses.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Inflation, Credit
Leaping into 2024

In 2024’s first edition of Market Watch, Shamik Dhar, chief economist at BNY Mellon Investment Management, explores market scenarios for this year. Dhar also underscores the significance of the ballot box in 2024, with close to 50% of the world’s population having elections.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Market Watch, Interest Rates, Inflation, Bonds
Corporate bonds: the risk now seems to pay well

Just a few months ago, you had to take great care with bonds in a context of inflation. But now investors should be opting for this asset class, says Stefan Isaacs, Deputy CIO Public Fixed Income at M&G.

Tags: M&G Investments, Fixed income, Inflation
Investment Outlook 2024 - Macro overview

Markets appear increasingly hopeful that a soft landing for the economy lies ahead. In our Investment Outlook 2024, we discuss why we think that interest rates will still eventually bite and assess the outlook for the global economy and markets.

Tags: J.P. Morgan Asset Management, volatility, Markets, Inflation, Economic Outlook
United States trumps Europe

In this week’s Market Watch, Shamik Dhar chief economist, BNY Mellon Investment Managementdelves into the comparative market and economic performance of the United States and Europe. Dhar underscores four pivotal factors contributing to the superior performance of the United States, namely consumer robustness, fiscal policy, global interdependence, and fluctuations in international trade behavior. 

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Market Watch, Interest Rates, Inflation, Bonds
Market Watch | October 12, 2023

In this week’s Market Watch Shamik  Dhar explores the recent boon of bond markets and bond yields, attributing this to  the markets realisation  interest rates will stay higher for longer. Moreover, Shamik Dhar teases his extensive research piece, Tidal Forces, on long term real interest rates. Find out more.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Market Watch, Market Watch, Interest Rates, Inflation, Bonds
Global Perspectives: Dissecting the cycle

Co-Heads of Global Bonds, Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo, discuss policy lags and why they believe the market is too pessimistic on inflation improvement but too optimistic on the growth environment.

Tags: Janus Henderson, inflation, Credit
Fixed Income Explained Podcast: Addressing Uncertainty

Are you wondering how to navigate today’s bond markets? Fixed Income Explained Podcast host Peter Marsland is here to help you explore the opportunities. 

Tags: abrdn, inflation
Podcast: Curve inversion, credit and China

Just when investors thought inflation was under control, short-dated bond yields are on the rise again as the possibility of higher rates from central banks looms large. But what's the impact on other asset classes? Find out in the latest episode of Market Talk.

Tags: LGIM, podcast, Recession, inflation, Central Banks

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