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Stocks which can grow irrespective of the wider economy

In anticipation of a resumption of economic growth, the UK equity market has rapidly recovered over the past two months. Jonathan Brown and Robin West caution that it could be two-three years, however, before the economy returns to full health. Given their preference for quality businesses with strong balance sheets, they believe that it’s never been more important to maintain their focus on businesses with the ability to do well even in more difficult times.

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Four assets that have recovered from the March episode, and four that most certainly haven't

When we talk about market episodes,’ we often mean periods where investors appear to give up on their own long term beliefs due to what prices are doing right now.

It is common to see correlated declines across range of apparently unrelated asset classes during these episodes, which was exactly what we saw in March. Such periods of heightened correlation can be highly revealing of the changing beliefs embedded in markets and how behavioural forces might be playing a role.

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Living in the future: Are equity markets at odds with the economics?

With lockdown continuing and the tone of news flow deteriorating, it can be hard to reconcile the recent bounce in equity markets with how we may feel personally.

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Invesco Podcast: A lot of Interest in High Yield

In the latest Invesco Podcast Ben Gutteridge, Director of Model Portfolio Services, speaks to Thomas Moore, The lead fund manager on Invesco’s High Yield Bond fund.

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China: the virus, the economy, the markets

The Chinese market has held up remarkably well since this crisis began. In fact, it’s one of the best performing equity markets globally, which is perhaps surprising given that the virus originated there and, indeed, the Chinese economy has always been perceived to be a proxy for global economic growth.

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COVID-19: Jewel in the Crown?

In a few short months – a term, hitherto only commonplace in the scientific community, has become firmly entrenched in our collective dialogue. The rapid spread of information (and misinformation) related to the coronavirus, so…

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Coronavirus: Passing turbulence or a global growth scare?

The coronavirus outbreak has replaced trade wars as the dark storm bearing on markets, sending jitters across global financial markets amid fears of a hit to the global economy.

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Market Know-How: Markets

Triannual Insights and Implementation Europe, Middle East, and Africa Edition 2020: Edition 1

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Review of markets over the second quarter of 2019

A summary of the factors driving global markets over the last month.

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Brexit: Three years on

It is now three years since Britain voted to leave the EU (in case anyone needed reminding). We are all aware of never-ending twists and turns in this saga, even if we are none the wiser as to the final conclusion. But, we ask, with the benefit of hindsight, how have financial markets moved since the referendum vote? And are there any lessons readers can take from this experience for thinking about how to invest when faced with uncertainty today, or, indeed, at any time in the future?

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