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90-Second Equities: Can Investors Balance Semiconductor Value with Climate Challenges?

Semiconductors are an integral part of our modern world. Global Equity Analyst, Joshua French at Aviva Investors, discusses the need for them, whilst looking at the climate impact through the value chain.

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Ask the Fund Manager, Baylee Wakefield

From Jeff Bezos’ garage to the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon turns 30 this month. But it's not always been straightforward. Watch our latest episode, where we talk about Amazon and its evolution into a global phenomenon.

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Ask the Fund Manager, Dean Cook

The European football finals are currently in full swing in Germany and, as usual, this is big business for corporate sponsorship. But did you know that this year one third of the sponsoring companies are Chinese? We discuss what's driving this.

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Nothing to fear

Sustainable investing trade-offs

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Ask the Fund Manager, Guillaume Paillat

2024 was always billed as the year of elections but European markets got a shock over the weekend when President Macron called a snap election in France. In this week's episode we discuss the possible implications of these upcoming elections.

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Ask the Fund Manager, Dean Cook - How did markets do in May?

Peter Smith and Dean Cook take a look at how markets fared in May with global equities back on track and US and European stock markets hitting all-time highs.

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See the wood, not just the trees

How climate-focused credit investors can help drive real-world change

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Emerging-market debt turns the corner

Emerging-market debt analyst Carmen Altenkirch reports back from the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank meetings in Washington.

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Equity income megatrends

Four themes reshaping the landscape for income investors

Tags: Aviva Investors, Income Investing, Income, equities
Cyclical, structural, vintage

The outlook for real estate equity

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