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Election impact on UK equities

The dust is settling on a historic election result. A Labour landslide on the scale of 1997 gives new Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer a huge majority and leaves the Conservatives licking their wounds, having gained their lowest share of the vote and lowest number of MPs ever. The reaction of financial markets was less spectacular though.

Tags: Aegon Asset Management, Macro, Politics
US debt deadlock: what happens next?

With a repeat of the 2011 US debt ceiling showdown increasingly likely, we give some answers on how an agreement could be reached.

Tags: LGIM, US Dollar, politics
Global Outlook Q1 2022

Ongoing inflationary shocks, the questions around interest rates and the emergence of the new Omicron Covid variant are all making navigating the next twelve months more challenging for investors. Nonetheless, when we look beyond the headlines, there remain some reasons for optimism going into 2022.

Tags: abrdn, Politics, fiscal policy, Strategy
The Responsible Investing Podcast, Ep.5: Thinking outside the vacuum – with Stephanie Kelly

In our fifth Responsible Investing podcast, we talk to Stephanie Kelly, Senior Political Economist in the Aberdeen Standard Investments Research Institute. In a wide-ranging interview, Steph talks us through her team’s innovative global Country ESG Index, discusses the huge importance of the upcoming US election and explains why she always carries her own straw. As we said: wide-ranging.

Tags: Aberdeen Standard Investments, ESG, politics, economics
Dividends done?

A look at what the coronavirus crisis means for income investors, by Will James

Tags: Aberdeen Standard Investments, Active Equities, economics, politics
Outlook for UK equities

The UK equity market is one of the longest-established equity markets in the world. A FTSE listing is seen as a badge of honour for companies worldwide. And yet, as we continue into 2020, UK equities can lay a reasonable claim to being one of the most misunderstood asset classes. This offers a compelling opportunity for long-term investors.

Tags: Aberdeen Standard Investments, global, UK, politics, economics
From trust to dust

A new survey of global trust in institutions reminds us that populism is here to stay, reinforcing our conviction in our New Political Paradigm theme.

Tags: LGIM, politics
Re-establishing the legitimacy of global finance through popular reform

No political consensus lasts forever – at least not without reform. The pre-eminence of the liberal economic order prior to the global financial crisis might have tempted us to think that this time would be different.

Tags: globalisation, populism, politics
How Europe works

I used to believe that the Eurozone was undemocratic. Now I’m not so sure.

Tags: Europe, Eurozone, politics
UK productivity – puzzle solved?

Finally, some good news on UK productivity growth. An expansion of 0.8% in 2017 Q4, coming on the back of a 0.9% pick-up in the previous quarter, topped the strongest six-month growth period since before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). It has been a long time coming. The UK has lagged its counterparts on productivity for decades, but has fallen further behind since the GFC. So is this a new dawn, or a false one? And why does it matter?

Tags: economics, UK, politics

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