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Actively seeking long-term opportunities in Asia

2023 was tough for Asian equities. Investor sentiment was kept in check by the Fed’s ongoing interest rate rises and the strength of the US dollar.

Tags: Asia equities, M&G Investments
Quarterly Equities and Multi Asset Outlook – Q1 2024

Energy transition: Beyond renewables

Tags: equities, M&G Investments
M&G SMA Celebrating 3 years of sustainable multi-asset investing
Tags: M&G Investments
Corporate bonds: the risk now seems to pay well

Just a few months ago, you had to take great care with bonds in a context of inflation. But now investors should be opting for this asset class, says Stefan Isaacs, Deputy CIO Public Fixed Income at M&G.

Tags: M&G Investments, Fixed income, Inflation
The Investment Podcast - Dissecting the fallout from the gilt crisis

Just over a year has passed since the gilt market turmoil of September 2022, sparked by the UK government’s so-called ‘mini-budget’. The fallout from the crisis, as the pound fell and gilt yields spiked, prompted an emergency intervention by the Bank of England to restore orderly market conditions against a global backdrop of high inflation and rising interest rates. A significant change in asset class demand dynamics ensued as pension funds sought to meet collateral calls for their LDI mandates.

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Quarterly Equities and Multi Asset Outlook - Landing in the dark

As abhorrent as recent events in the Middle East have been, financial markets have, for now, taken these events in their stride, with some flight to safety in public markets, but fairly mild reactions overall.

Tags: M&G Investments, Review, Macroeconomics and politics, Multi-asset, Equities, Outlook
Listed infrastructure: distressed valuations, long-term opportunities

Listed infrastructure: distressed valuations, long-term opportunities.

Tags: M&G Investments, Infrastructure
Inflation: Mapping the impact of the global rate hiking cycle

After a sustained era of cheap money, an abrupt and unprecedented shift in the global interest rate hiking cycle was ushered in, as the world’s major central banks sought to stave off surging inflation. The Bank of England moved first, increasing its base rate to 0.25% from a historic low of 0.1% in December 2021. The Federal Reserve (Fed) was next, announcing a rate hike in March 2022, with the European Central Bank (ECB) following suit in July of that year. We take a look at the implications – in the real economy – of the largest global interest rate raising exercise in recent history.

Tags: M&G Investments
Science-based targets - A tool for aligning investments with the Paris Agreement

Limiting the worst effects of climate change will require deep, urgent emission reductions. One option for companies aiming to cut emissions and contribute towards the goals of the Paris Agreement is to set a science-based target for emission reductions. In this note, we explain how science-based targets work, and consider the important role they play in M&G’s range of Paris Aligned investment funds

Tags: Impact, M&G Investments
Zombie Firms: Navigating the Looming Threat of Higher Interest Rates

Everyone knows that the best way to kill a Zombie is to smash its brain. For Zombie firms, that killer blow is higher interest rates.

Tags: M&G Investments, refinancing, Halloween, corporate bonds, Interest Rates

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 55