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Sustainability and portfolio returns

The further we go back in time, the more likely it is that the scoring data does not adequately capture real-time ESG challenges.

Tags: J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Markets, Economy, Environmental Social And Governance
Fixed income opportunities for 2023 portfolios

Following the sharp sell-off in bonds in 2022, we use five charts from the Guide to the Markets to explain why we're now seeing some of the most exciting opportunities in fixed income in over a decade.

Tags: J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Economy, Bonds
Green bonds: Is doing good compatible with doing well in fixed income?

Green bonds are attractive instruments for working towards positive environmental benefits. Find out why demand for green bonds from investors is expected to continue to grow.

Tags: J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Economy, Bonds, Markets
China: the virus, the economy, the markets

The Chinese market has held up remarkably well since this crisis began. In fact, it’s one of the best performing equity markets globally, which is perhaps surprising given that the virus originated there and, indeed, the Chinese economy has always been perceived to be a proxy for global economic growth.

Tags: M&G, markets, Economy
COVID-19: Jewel in the Crown?

In a few short months – a term, hitherto only commonplace in the scientific community, has become firmly entrenched in our collective dialogue. The rapid spread of information (and misinformation) related to the coronavirus, so…

Tags: M&G, markets, Economy, Sector/specialist
Coronavirus: Passing turbulence or a global growth scare?

The coronavirus outbreak has replaced trade wars as the dark storm bearing on markets, sending jitters across global financial markets amid fears of a hit to the global economy.

Tags: M&G, markets, Economy

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