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The importance of quality

Walter Scott client investment manager George Dent considers the macroeconomic backdrop in 2024 and what pressures companies could face

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Equities, Macroeconomics
The Big Spend – Investing in the Real World

Trillions of new spending is being poured into renewal and expansion of critical physical infrastructure. Investors need to be ready to pick the best opportunities.

Tags: J O Hambro Capital Management, Investments, Asset Allocation, Equities, Global Equities
Mettler Toledo: a picture of consistency

Walter Scott client investment manager Murdo MacLean profiles Mettler Toledo, a Swiss-headquartered, US-listed manufacturer of precision weighing and analytical equipment.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Technology, Sectors, Equities
Bridging the funding gap for UK Small quoted companies

As economic growth stalls and fewer small and medium-sized businesses choose to list in the UK, we explore policy measures that could help provide a boost to the sector.

Tags: Invesco, equities
Attractive yields but narrow spreads - The credit dilemma

Even after the late-year “Santa” rally, all-in yields in many credit sectors are near multi-decade highs, making it tempting to portfolio managers to have overweight credit allocations to maximize the yield opportunity. But credit spreads are relatively narrow and the distinct risk of an economic or financial market recession looms eventually, so managers might opt to underweight credit sectors.  

Tags: T. Rowe Price, fixed income, Equities
Market Watch: International Divergence

In this edition of Market Watch, Shamik Dhar, Chief Economist at BNY Mellon Investment Management, explores the persistent theme of divergence from 2023 continuing into 2024. Dhar delves into facets, including the weakening US labour market and geopolitical tensions around the Red Sea, that might mitigate the potential for a US soft landing.

Tags: BNY Mellon Investment Management, Macroeconomics, Fixed Income, Equities
Quarterly Equities and Multi Asset Outlook – Q1 2024

Energy transition: Beyond renewables

Tags: equities, M&G Investments
Pricing power and balance

Portfolio managers Sam Morse and Marcel Stotzel review the challenges and complexities facing investors in Continental European equity markets. As the outlook across the region remains precariously balanced, they discuss why a balanced portfolio of sustainable dividend payers with strong pricing power has the potential to navigate a challenging macro backdrop.

Tags: Fidelity, Investment Trusts, Equities, UK
Finding resilience and predictability in uncertain times

Recession risks are rising and valuations in pockets of the equity market are starting to look stretched. In this environment, Fidelity Global Dividend Fund portfolio manager Dan Roberts outlines the benefits of valuation discipline and focusing on quality dividend-payers that have the resilience to weather a range of economic scenarios.

Tags: Fidelity, Equities, Global
Quarterly Equities and Multi Asset Outlook - Landing in the dark

As abhorrent as recent events in the Middle East have been, financial markets have, for now, taken these events in their stride, with some flight to safety in public markets, but fairly mild reactions overall.

Tags: M&G Investments, Review, Macroeconomics and politics, Multi-asset, Equities, Outlook

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 132