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Trigger Warning – the Rush for Post-Peak UK

Falling rates should trigger a UK rally – will you go for yield or for high-growth technology?

Tags: J O Hambro Capital Management, Investment Strategy, Asset Allocation, Active Equity, UK Equity
UK is a rich seam to mine ... and not just in commodities

It’s been a volatile start to 2022, with the conflict in Ukraine creating huge disruption in oil markets, and adding to ongoing pressures seen in markets, but the UK is about much more than just commodities (and banks)

Tags: Columbia Threadneedle Investments, UK equities, UK equity
UK Equity Income: Unprecedented Times Bring Shifting Dividend Policies

Franklin UK Equity Team's Colin Morton on what does the future for UK dividends look like.

Tags: Franklin Templeton, UK equity, Colin Morton
UK Equity Income: The Case for Being Boring

With no derivatives, bonds, loss-making entities, unquoted or overseas stocks, Colin Morton explains why he still favours a plain vanilla approach.

Tags: UK equity, income, Colin Morton
Do Look Now: Finding Opportunities in UK Small Caps

The size and sophistication of the small cap universe coupled with valuation anomalies stemming from reduced analyst coverage is driving opportunity

Tags: UK equity, smaller companies, Richard Bullas, Franklin Templeton
Balancing risks of regulation in the UK Utilities sector

Companies backed by assets, with a history of paying dividends to shareholders?  Or targets for overregulation?  Ciaran Mallon considers the case for regulated utilities.

Tags: UK, UK equity
UK Equity: Reasons for Optimism

Colin Morton, Franklin UK Equity Team, believes there are some positive developments for the UK economy that many investors may have overlooked amid the Brexit gloom and uncertainty.

Tags: Colin Morton, UK equity, Franklin Templeton
Have We Reached Maximum Brexit Pessimism Yet?

Newspaper headlines might suggest there’s little reason to cheer for UK equity investors right now. However, Franklin Templeton’s Colin Morton believes the current despondent sentiment could present some interesting opportunities to pick up a bargain.

Tags: Colin Morton, UK equity, Brexit, Franklin Templeton
What to look for (and avoid) in UK domestic stocks

The deeply unloved status of the UK equity market has created no shortage of contrarian value opportunities. However, with economic and political risks evident, Fidelity Special Situations Fund portfolio manager Alex Wright believes selectivity is crucial - as well as a low starting valuation, he outlines the other key criteria that are informing his stock picks.

Tags: UK equity
Don't wait for good news to buy UK equities

As a contrarian, the unrelenting negativity towards the UK equity market is making Fidelity Special Situations Fund Manager Alex Wright feel more positive on the prospects for the year ahead. Hear why the number of ‘unloved’ companies available to choose from makes Alex think 2019 could turn into a surprisingly positive year for investors brave enough to buy UK equities before the good news.

Tags: UK equity, Fidelity

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