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Should we be worried about inflation in the UK?

James Foster believes the answer is, unfortunately, yes. Higher inflation may be the inevitable result of the government’s new policies. Here he considers the possible impact on returns from gilts…

Tags: Artemis, Brexit, UK politics
"Do or die" - is Brexit set to conclude with no deal on 31 October?

While no deal is not the most likely scenario in our view, the risks are rising. The UK outlook is binary. A Brexit deal could see sterling bounce to 1.40 against the dollar, but no deal on 31 October could see a further slump to 1.10.

Tags: Brexit, Karen Ward
Countdown to Brexit: Will the UK leave on Halloween?

New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to deliver Brexit by the October 31 deadline, “do or die.” This will not be easy given that Johnson faces the exact same impasse that led to the downfall of Theresa May: The UK Parliament has rejected the withdrawal agreement that May struck with the European Union (EU), the EU has stated firmly that it will not renegotiate that agreement, and the majority of members of Parliament (MPs) remain opposed to the UK leaving the EU without a deal being agreed upon.

Tags: T Rowe Price, Brexit
Ten questions that investors are asking me

Mark responds to recent investor questions, sharing his thoughts on topical issues, from the outlook for the UK economy, to tobacco regulation and life for UK companies after Brexit.

Tags: UK, Brexit, equity
Have We Reached Maximum Brexit Pessimism Yet?

Newspaper headlines might suggest there’s little reason to cheer for UK equity investors right now. However, Franklin Templeton’s Colin Morton believes the current despondent sentiment could present some interesting opportunities to pick up a bargain.

Tags: Colin Morton, UK equity, Brexit, Franklin Templeton
Quick view: Brexit - out with the old.

Paul O’Connor, Head of Janus Henderson’s UK-based Multi-Asset Team, assesses how sometimes going backwards takes you further forward, as Prime Minister Theresa May secures a rare victory in parliament.

Tags: Brexit
What's next for Brexit?

Arnab Das, Global Market Strategist, EMEA, and Michael Siviter, Senior Portfolio Manager, Invesco Fixed Income discuss what’s next for Brexit?

Tags: Brexit, UK
Why We're Not Obsessing over Brexit

It’s approaching crunch time for Brexit. The resolution is far from clear, but Colin Morton, manager, Franklin UK Equity Income Fund, believes Brexit is unlikely to define the United Kingdom in five to 10 years’ time and that suggests there should be potential opportunities to be found in the current environment.

Tags: Brexit, Colin Morton, UK Equities, Income, Franklin Templeton
Europe after brexit

Cambridge University professor Helen Thompson tells AIQ why the path to a more integrated EU is unlikely to get easier after Brexit.

Tags: Brexit, UK, Europe
Investec: Two years on from Brexit, what's in store for UK investors?

At our London Global Insights event held in June this year we asked our portfolio manager and strategy leaders:  Two years on from the Brexit vote, what’s in store for UK investors in the next 12 months? 

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