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Water in crisis – searching for solutions

The world is facing a water crisis. Around the globe we either have too little (drought), too much (flooding) or too toxic water.

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How do US elections affect stock market performance?

It’s the economy that matters for US presidential elections and stocks

Tags: T. Rowe Price, US, equity
Retaining a focus on fundamentals

Political noise is a distraction in any market environment but in an election year the clamour is heightened. So, in February we had one of our holdings, Nat West Bank, reporting its biggest annual profit since the 2007 financial crisis but in the days that followed seeing its share price fall on speculation of a possible windfall tax on the banking sector. As an investor, sometimes it feels like you can’t win.

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The value in UK value

Alex Wright, portfolio manager of the Fidelity Special Situations Fund and Fidelity Special Values PLC, shares his outlook for UK equities in 2024. He highlights the unloved areas of the domestic market where he sees potential for recovery and discusses why we could be at the start of a sustained period of outperformance from UK value stocks and sectors.

Tags: Fidelity, Investment Trusts, Equity, UK
No more bad news should be good news in 2023

After a dismal year for markets, William Davies gives his thoughts on risks and opportunities in the market as we head into 2023. While there is plenty to be cautious about, a repeat of 2022 seems unlikely.

Tags: Columbia Threadneedle Investments, fixed income, Equity, alternatives
An unusual backdrop

There is a lot to ponder as a portfolio manager today. Expansionary fiscal initiatives from the new Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, have heightened worries about a further widening of the already huge UK current account deficit, Sterling has set a new all-time low against the US dollar and the International Monetary Fund, in a very unusual move, has advised the UK government that its November budget presents an early opportunity to “re-evaluate” the new tax measures.

Tags: Columbia Threadneedle, Investment Trusts, equity
Asian opportunities amid uncertainty - Outlook

Markets have performed well since March 2020, but we believe the wide valuation discrepancies that exist between sectors is not justifiable given the breadth of earnings recovery now being seen.

Tags: Invesco, Asia, Equity, Markets
My three rules of investing

A friend of mine recently described his “self-inflicted” investment experience as like being on the ocean in a storm bouncing left, right, up down…from growth to value to international to domestic…advice coming from all sides…all of it conflicting with other reasonable-sounding advice. Caught in a storm of labels, his results were terrible, and his head was spinning trying to reconcile all of the different investment styles out there. Sound familiar?

Tags: Invesco, Global, Equity
UK Smaller Companies Equities: What does ESG mean to us?

Our focus as active fund managers is always on finding mispriced stocks and ESG integration underpins our investment process at every stage.

Tags: Invesco, UK, Equity, ESG
The long haul to normalisation

Thailand has been held up as a model of a country that has dealt well with the virus. It has only recorded 59 deaths from Covid-19 and there have been no domestic infections since June (the only cases since then have been people coming into the country). Other countries in the region have also performed well: Singapore and Hong Kong have only recorded a total of 132 deaths between them. You might think that these countries have been able to a large extent to get ‘back to normal’, and that stocks which initially were sold off heavily would have rebounded back to where they started the year.

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