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The cost of higher for longer

With US labour markets still strong, the Federal Reserve is sticking to its “higher for longer” messaging. Global Head of Macro & Strategic Asset Allocation Salman Ahmed analyses the future direction for inflation and growth and believes the US economy could be in for a shock next year when the impact of higher rates finally start to bite.

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Generative AI: All in or avert interest?

Generative artificial intelligence is the hot technology of the moment. It has the potential to be transformative, but as with other recent technologies - electric vehicles, renewable energy, blockchain - valuations can become detached from fundamentals. Equity research analyst Jonathan Tseng provides an overview of the technology, its risks and where we see investment potential.

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Credit Suisse rescue underlines the need for caution

Banking sector problems have crossed the Atlantic with UBS agreeing to buy struggling Credit Suisse. While recent events are set to drive further market volatility, we outline why the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the rescue of Credit Suisse are unlikely to mark the start of a systemic event. However, from an asset allocation perspective, a cautious approach is warranted as the sector remains under intense scrutiny.

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Watch where you step as defaults set to rise

Many investors have grown used to a low default environment in the wake of the global financial crisis, but could this be about to change? As macro concerns build, Global Fixed Income CIO Steve Ellis looks at how different parts of the credit market could react to a rise in defaults and reveals why high yield investors may be taking on more risk than they are being paid for.

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Global Economic Outlook: the inflation menace

The recovery from the Covid crisis continues, with global activity now exceeding its pre-pandemic peak. However, this rapid rebound has already run into supply constraints in many sectors and economies, leading to a surge in global inflation. Some of these demand-supply imbalances should ease over the coming quarters, helping to cool price growth. But it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Covid has permanently damaged the supply side of the global economy, implying a less favourable trade-off between growth and inflation.

Tags: abrdn, inflation, Europe, UK, US, fiscal policy, monetary policy
Webcast: The outlook for value investing

Value stocks and sectors have rallied sharply over recent times, driven by shifting expectations for inflation and monetary policy. Our value-focused portfolio managers discuss what lies ahead for investors in the US and UK markets, with a focus on the evolving opportunity set in the financials sector.

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A close look at the US labour market

 In 2020, the impact of the pandemic on the US labour market was unprecedented, with the unemployment rate in the country hitting 14.8% at its peak and the number of unemployed soaring, from some 7 million to over 23 million. In this brief note we take a close look at the US labour market today and discuss why it is important for investors to watch in the coming months.

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'Boom and bust' for the US consumer?

The release of pent-up demand as households spend savings accumulated during lockdown could have important implications.

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Strat snippets: Are higher rates a buying opportunity?

The reflation narrative is gathering steam and many investors are questioning the extent to which the recent back-up in core government bond yields can continue. Against this backdrop, Fidelity Strategic Bond Fund Co-Manager Claudio Ferrarese gives his outlook for rates and outlines the factors which suggest that this may well present a buying opportunity.

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Strategic bonds: making the most of volatility

Fidelity Strategic Bond Fund co-portfolio managers Tim Foster and Claudio Ferrarese outline how they have effectively navigated an eventful last 12 months in global fixed income markets. If 2020 was a year of dramatic changes, they also look ahead and discuss why they expect 2021 to be more focussed on alpha and picking the right opportunities.

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