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European stocks deserve more attention

Europe has made structural improvements and we think investors should sit up and take notice. 

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Reconnecting global supply chains

Global equities delivered the worst monthly return in April since the beginning of the pandemic, and correlated sell offs across equity and bond markets have continued into May. Investors are weighing the prospects of recession as central banks tighten the screws to tackle inflation. Inflationary pressures are driving up input prices whilst companies are still dealing with sporadic supply-side pressures. Building supply-chain resilience is firmly on the agenda of governments and companies alike. Investment Specialist, Kirsty Clark reviews recent market performance and looks at how companies are improving supply-chain resilience.  

Tags: M&G Investments, Supply disruptions, Consumer Demand, Equity Markets
What's rattling emerging market equities and where they may go from here

The latest Portfolio Insights from our Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities team takes on a wide range of topics impacting the region, including global rate hikes, China’s Covid and economic policies, and rising commodity prices.

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