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Japan versus global inflation

Numerous factors are putting upward pressure on prices in Japan, and the yen is acting as an escape valve for the central bank's yield curve control policy.

Tags: LGIM, Currency, Japan, Oil, Equities, Bonds
Can emerging markets withstand a stronger dollar?

The taper tantrum of 2013 showed how sensitive emerging markets (EMs) were to higher US rates, but there are some important differences this time around.

Tags: LGIM, commodities, Oil, Bonds
From complacency to panic: Coronavirus and oil

Paul O’Connor, Head of the UK-based Multi-Asset Team, discusses the recent market shock as oil prices tumble and the Coronavirus continues to impact countries globally.

Tags: Janus Henderson, Coronavirus, oil
What's Really Driving Oil Market Volatility?

Recent attacks on oil tankers in the Middle East have grabbed headlines but other factors, namely global oil supply-demand dynamics, are more responsible for oil market volatility.

Tags: emerging markets, Oil, Franklin Templeton
UK taps into oil strength

Amit Parmar looks at the recent surge in oil price and its impact on UK equity income investors.

Tags: oil, UK
Fidelity: Three reasons why oil is troubling markets

Bill McQuaker takes a look at the three main drivers behind the rising cost of oil and what that means for investors. How does an inflated oil price impact on the fundamentals and where can investors still find opportunities in a more volatile world?

Tags: oil, commodities
BVTV: Time to add Argentina?

After a significant policy error at the end of last year, Argentina has once again found itself in trouble – and back in the headlines –  in recent months, suffering from dented credibility and a fast depreciating peso. This morning on BVTV, I look at whether current levels now offer a buying opportunity.

Tags: South America, emerging markets, oil, Russia
The oil sector: bearing out the beef?

The share prices of global integrated oil majors crashed in 2016 alongside the oil price and company earnings. Martin Walker, UK Equities Fund Manager for Invesco Perpetual, explores the main bear arguments for the sector and explains where he sees fundamental valuation opportunities.

Tags: oil, UK, equity, investment
What happens if oil reaches $70?

Ian Samson, Markets Research Analyst, looks at the steep rise in the price of oil over the course of 2017 and discusses what the implications might be for the global economy if oil remains elevated over and above its current price.

Tags: oil, energy, inflation

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